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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sights & Highlights | Indieket 2016

08.07.2016 – On its fifth year promoting self-published works Komikon Indieket continue to cultivate the grassroots for its original creativity at the same time give the featured artists as main guest as the spotlight for this show.

This is Komikon Inc’s second event of the year that would culminate on the main event that closes the calendar year in contributing to the growth of the local komiks scene in the Philippines. For Indieket this the guest spotlight features Edgar Tadeo, Melvin Calingo, Aaron Felizmenio and Freely Abrigo as part of Komiks Kalye.

The one-day show is smaller than last April’s Summer Komikon with more focused on the “Komiks Kalye” of self published works that is part of a larger Komikon show that would happen sometime in November.

With every Komikon event there’s something to look forward to and if you missed all the happenings during the Saturday event here are some highlights that was part of the activities that made this year’s Indieket a successful show.

Komikon Spotlights “Sulyap 3” Artists

The small stage set up in front may not be as extravagant for any artists out there, but this gives the moment for featured artists who where part of the third Sulyap Anthology. Sherry Zamar was the host for the entire program and activities and she also interviewed three artists every hour that compose of the talents behind the third edition of the Sulyap grahic novel.

Rock U

It’s the latest animated web series to be part of TV5’s Digital 5 programs that streams YouTube. Rock U is short for ‘Rock University’ featuring college students with a slice of life theme dubbed in Tagalog. Every episode feature Filipino musicians that teach the regular characters lessons in music and life.

Swift Mighty Meaty Hotdog Create-Your-Own Hero

During the whole day Indieket affair Swift Mighty Meaty Hotdogs proposed a one-day contest held for those interested to come up with their own hero and comic strip based on their hotdog brand. The featured artists and contests becoming the finalist, which also reveal the winners where on stage, presented who submitted their winning entries late in the afternoon.

Drawing Challenge

Early in the day and in the late afternoon two people stand on both side of the stage to create their interpretation of what the subject that is given by the host to draw. The challengers are either one visitor of this event the other is a local artist, which each is given a subject to draw under a specified timer. This was definitely a fun activity from the organizers to add to the program that also featured Gab Chee Kee of Parokya ni Edgar joining in.

Indieket certainly has grown from half of the Bayanihan Centre to the entire hall that featured comicbook retailer Comic Odyssey having enough back issues for you to dig in as well as other online only comic shops where part of this event too. Towards the later part of the afternoon some sellers have drop price for you to catch lower priced books that you might not miss picking up.

Overall the crowd was great some of them participated in the activities on stage. There are also guests who promoted their works and there are some who teased what they’ll be bringing for the main Komikon in Novemeber.

It’s certainly an event for the creative talents and self publishing artist to be at Indieket and next year it will be bigger than ever. Truly another great show for the grassroots most definitely for those small self publishing talents out there.

Indieket also known as the Independent Komiks Market on its fifth year happens in the months of July or August and it’s the ‘middle event’ prelude to the main Komikon that will be happening on November 19 and 20, 2016 at the Bayanihan Center in Unilab Complex, Mandaluyong City.

For more about the event LIKE Komikon Indieket on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @Indieket

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