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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Best Capsule Toys at Toy Kingdom

08.03.2016 – Gashapons are an addicting hobby that has been popular in Japan and has become known is some parts of the world. They have been considered also as a blind trade-in-box where some are available in sets besides found in vendo machines.

In the Philippines this hobby has not only attracted kids, but also their parents and adult collectors. You can find these capsule type machines at flagship stores like in Toy Kingdom.

They are addicting if you don’t have one focused on a particular anime, videogame or any property that was licence to produce their likeness into merchandise. Some are unique and weird that stands out that becomes popular among collectors. This hobby is also expensive as the capsule machines standard price point to get one capsule toy is at PhP 60.00 pesos that are so small it might disappoint some, but it is also the challenge in acquiring the toy one who desires.

Toy Kingdom in SM Megamall may be the largest toy store to accommodate a space for these capsule toys. They’ve been one part that has been rarely explored for those who just casually look something to add to their collection. This is due to that some of the toys are not supported by any forms of media.

There are also some collectible that might be considered an art toy that doesn’t attract the mainstream masses, but here are some that you might find it interesting if you know that there’s a potential interest when you see it in person.

Tomica Junior

If you’re into die cast cars you’ll be surprise that there’s a blind-in-box version of the popular Tomica brand by Takara Tomy. But these versions are smaller scale from the standard 1/64 scale that is sold in toy stores. They’ve been a significant find at the Capsule Machines if you know where you’re looking.

Sushi Girl

Call it downright weird and at the same time risqué kind of art featuring a girl wrapped in a sushi. It may be art for some but probably the parents and the mainstream crowd doesn’t find it interesting. But it’s something out of the norm when you talk about collectible figurines that also double up as a keychain.

Lady Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is one of the iconic sculptures that associate with the city of New York. Everyone knows the statue as a gift by London. It’s known as “Liberty Enlightening the World” and has appeared in popular culture. Those who made look Lady Liberty cool had much fun creating these figurines as collectibles.

Fastfood Girl

If there’s a Sushi Girl you got to have a ‘Fastfood Girl’ as a collectible figure depicted as a burger in a bun, as the hotdog in the bun, along with other French fries, and inside a cup of drink that is entirely something the Japanese would produce as a collectible to complete as a set and these are just plainly figurines.

Black Tie Men

It appears like Mr. Smith’s henchmen in ‘The Matix’, but it’s entirely different. They’re the same figures with slightly different faces and minor difference in how they stand. They are interesting at the same time very much the Japanese would produce for those looking for something different and costly to complete.

Zoo Zoo Zoo Series 2

Animals in their sleeping poses look arguably cute, but these are the sets that went sold out. As there are no longer capsules to dispense in the machine. It’s popular because the figurine poses are different from the standard pose of just standing. It’s really one of the capsule toys that stand out.

Honorable Mentions

Figurines that you attach to your drink that has become common in Japan, but still rarely seen as being collected by anyone out there. Its cute and unique that also have the popular One Piece characters that are unnoticed if some would pass by to see what’s available at the Capsule Machine section at Toy Kingdom.

But entirely the section doesn’t get much attention as the regular toy sections in the store. These are some of the little things casual people would be interested if they know what they’re interested into. It’s surely a place for something to start a hobby just a piece of advice that completing set doesn’t mean a thing. Probably one of every character might define your interest.

Overall it’s a place rarely some don’t go as evident that the Capsule Machines doesn’t get much that crowd as most people would go to get the popular toys. But in any case you’re looking for something less conspicuous this part of Toy Kingdom might be the place for you to find something that interest you.

The Capsule Machines are distributed by Ban Kee Toys as they are the ones replenishing what’s available in those machines.

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