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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Funko POP! Marvel | Howard the Duck

08.04.2016 – Funko’s POP! line of vinyl figurines continue to expand with its license properties from animation, movies, videogames, and even those created for visual artist with their original creations that capture everyone’s attention.

It is a lucrative and popular brand for Funko that also have the rights to produce characters for Marvel, but the difference from the standard vinyl figurine they have their version do the ‘bobble’ and one of them is the famous Howard the Duck.

Howard the Duck was one of the Vinyl-Bobble Head types of figures that were released in 2014. This is due to his popular cameo appearance at the live action debut of Guardians of the Galaxy, which was voiced the CGI character by Seth Green. But Howard has been around long enough to be known as one of the obscure characters from Marvel aside from Spider-Ham.

The POP! Vinyl Bobble-Head captures the characteristics of Howard both in the comibooks and his appearance at GotG film. Taking a closer look at Howard as one of the interesting figurines to come out in the POP! Series of figures from Marvel he;s one of the favorites for long time readers and fan of the fowl feathered friend.

Bobble-Headed Duck

All Marvel figurines produced by Funko is ‘Bobble-Head Vinyl’ that stands out from their counterparts like from DC Comics. They have standard vinyl figures whereas Marvel have their characters has the advantage of bobbing.

But having the same figure with this gimmick doesn’t mean its perfect. Not all characters from Marvel deserve the bobble-head treatment. In case of Howard this one acquired had a quality issue with its spring not properly glued.

It’s not a problem with the Howard figures, but this one had certainly had issues having the head detached the moment it was opened from the packaging. But this is just a minor setback that can be fixed using household tools.

Well Tailored Feather Friend

The suit Howard is wearing is the same one you’ve seen at the post-credit scene of Guardians of the Galaxy. At the back of the box also features the same outfit done in art form, but not exactly the one he wears in the comicbooks.

There are no accessories aside from wearing a hat that is not removable. Howard looks like he jumped off a page of the comicbook with the nice details they have put on this vinyl figure he certainly ready to investigate an unresolved crime.

Quak-Fu He Sees You

Like all vinyl figures Howard doesn’t have articulation save that for his bobbing head, and this is considered an art toy sculpture that either on display at your desk at work or in your shelf among your collectibles.

Overall Howard is one of the unique POP figures that don’t use much of the standard body that most of the Funko produced figurines use. The sculpture on his face is dead on gorgeous that stand out. The only concern is the bobble-head engineering to all Marvel vinyl figurines. They should open a variation for standard vinyl figures without the bobble-head gimmick.

But entirely Howard the Duck is one bobble-head vinyl figurine that you should appreciate to own if you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy. Forget the Lucasfilm produced live action film this vinyl figure is way better.

“Howard the Duck” is part of the Pop! Marvel line with designated number 64 from Funko. This was acquired with acknowledge from Heroes Concept Store at the Bonifacio High Street, where you can also get your other vinyl collectibles. This is also available in other Phillipine retail shops for PhP 550.00 pesos.

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