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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Toy Expo 2016 | The Powerpuff Girls

08.24.2016 – There must be a drought for “Powerpuff Girls” merchandise lately and this is due to the shows time being off air. Recently Cartoon Network resurrected the TV series with a fresh look on the popular characters from Townsville.

With that new series a new wave or merchandise was sighted during the recently concluded Toy Expo 2016, which was organized by Toy Kingdom on its third time being held every other year since 2012. This brings new toys that are either available or soon to be ready for its release and this includes the “Powerpuff Girls!”

The new wave of “Powerpuff Girls” is being produced by Spin Master, a Canadian global toy brand best known for the Air Hogs line of remote control vehicles, Spy Gear, and PAW Patrol.

These new wave of “Powerpuff Girls” merchandise features action figures, plush toys, and playsets. Its been a while since there have been other characters included in the small scale figures that features playsets that have Professor Utonium and their arch nemesis Mojo Jojo. If you happen to miss the shelf that featured these toys check out the image taken from the last day of Toy Expo below:

“The Powerpuff Girls” are manufactured by Spin Master no date for the availability of this toys, but expect to be sold at Toy Kingdom.

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