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Friday, November 18, 2016

Funko Pop! Disney | Steamboat Willie

11.18.2016 – “Steamboat Willie” was a classic animation by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. It’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s debut on November 18, 1928. The black & white animated short was produced by Walt Disney Studios

This was the first cartoon not only introduces Mickey Mouse for the first time it was the very first Disney cartoon with synchronized sound. The cartoon is iconic that Funko produced “Steamboat Willie” is one of the first Pop Vinyl figures.

For those who only collected this figurine its history is beyond the collectability. “Streamboat Willie” is an iconic animated short with a lot of history for Walt Disney Studios that paved away for other animations as a pioneer and its ranked 13th for “The 50 Greatest Cartoons” book in 1994 and its critical acclaim , not only for introducing one of the world's most popular cartoon characters, but for its technical innovation. Despite all the accolades it also had received some criticism for its time.

But none the less it was iconic and has been known in popular culture. The story where Mickey pilots a river steamboat, suggesting that he himself is the captain. He cheerfully whistles "Steamboat Bill" and sounds the boat's three whistles. This also includes Pete reveals the captain of the steamboat where the antics and the rivalry of the two characters played out.

There were so many stories behind “Steamboat Willie” due to the iconic cartoon Funko had produced a figurine based on Mickey Mouse in black & white. This was one of the early Funko Pop figurines under Series 2, which were manufactured under the Disney property featuring other well known characters.

Mickey Mouse is colored black & white in his ‘Steamboat Willie’ costume and there are no variations of this figurine. Just like the other Disney figurines it’s packaged in a window-type box. But it’s rarely that there’s a holographic stamp and this being an authentic Mindstyle product that you can find on bottom flap of the box, where you can find the other details about the company that distributed and produce it.

It’s well detailed down to Mickey’s tail this figure would definitely grow on you if you’re not a fan of a colorless figurine that’s based from a 1928 cartoon. Though it’s not perfect you can notice the paint imperfections. But overall it is one of the iconic characters that came from a classic cartoon.

Overall the details making Mickey Mouse as “Steamboat Willie” into a POP Vinyl figurine is definitely spot-on. For any Disney fan who collects them all this is one of the characters you should have in your collection a classic character in its original colors and appearance for almost six decades.

“Steamboat Willie” is part of the Pop! Disney line with designated number 24 from Funko. Special thanks and acknowledgments: Vinyl on Vinyl gallery where this was available in 2013 for PhP 300.00 pesos.

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