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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Toy Sightings | World Peacekeepers

07.29.2017 – When you talk about small scale action figures particularly in 4-inch or 1/18 scale lately its not being represented. You’ve got science fiction space opera related-toys since there’s a multi-media backed support for the reason they keep making new toys and characters.

But for military themed toyline there’s not much support unless the target market is for those who have grown up with this type of interest. M&C is a Hong Kong-based company which ready to answer that particular interest that’s been lacking read to bring you “World Peacekeepers!”

“World Peacekeeprs” is not your average Joe, but M&C is rolling out the military ordinance ready for the battlefield in your backyard or into your display shelves. Established and introduced in 2016 “World Peacekeepers” started with an all-military themed range of toys from basic action figures, vehicles and toysets.

M&C Toys also produce highly detailed 12-inch or 1/6 scale figures, but for the minimalist who have little space the 1/18 scale military toyline might be the one for the younger kids from age 5 or the military enthusiast who are into putting together a diorama. “World Peacekeepers” probably is the best high quality military themed figures that just recently arrive in Australia.

The most basic military figures range to as affordable as $3.00 AUD to the highly detailed vehicles and upcoming playsets. The basic soldiers in blister cards comes in three different teams loosely based in real world military like the Nav Seal and Ranger that also includes the Delta Force.

Currently “World Peacekeepers” is now available exclusively at all Target retail stores. These first wave assortment of the 1/18 scale toyline was sighted at Target in downtown Adelaide in South Australia, where you can see almost the complete line of basic and deluxe box figures with vehicles.

So far M&C Toys has only made “World Peacekeepers” available in Australia and hopefully will expand from its military-themed toyline to include the SWAT and Fire Fighter range that’s already available in other regional markets in Asia.

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