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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

World Peacekeepers | Navy SEAL (Deluxe)

08.16.2017 – “World Peacekeepers” has landed to Australian beaches and has jump off planes to the rescue. There have been 18 different types of assortment that’s currently available exclusively in Target Australia.

You’ve probably have seen the basic figures, which is the ones packaged in blister cards. Then there’s the Deluxe Editions which comes with extra accessories and also includes small type of vehicles like the Navy Seal soldier with a canoe.

The basic carded Navy SEAL have six types of head sculpts with different accessories. This goes the same for the Deluxe Editions, but includes the same type of weapon and other accessories. These Deluxe Editions are not packaged in blister cards, but they’re in window type boxes revealing the figure with its accessories.

There have been four types of Deluxe Editions currently available and they are Ranger with Horse, Infantry with Motorbike, and Paratrooper with working Parachute and Navy Seal with canoe. But in the M&C Toys website there are two additional Deluxe Editions not available in Australia namely a soldier with Camel and trooper with tent and other camping accessories.

Window Type Packaging

The Navy SEAL is packaged in a window-type box where the figure and its accessories are sitting on a translucent plastic tray. The box inner background is colored blue that can probably be used to simulate that this Navy SEAL is paddling in the ocean head to invade the beach.

Behind the box reveal the four types of Deluxe Edition figures that are currently being sold exclusively at Target. There is no product catalogue or instruction manual included in this product just a straight up packaged on a quality box.

SEa, Air and Land

This version of the Deluxe Edition Navy Seal comes with a pair of flippers, camera/flashlight, a vest, breathing apparatus, one paddle, a black canoe, and a machine gun. This is figure doesn’t have goggles to cover his face unlike the other iterations that have been either molded to the figures face.

The black canoe is made of hard shell plastic, which could have been better if it was made from soft plastic material and it actually floats. The paddle is made of soft material the same with the flippers that the figure’s feet can slip in.

SEAL Team Leader

There have been several versions of the Navy Seal produced for the World Peacekeepers toyline. But like the previously reviewed Ranger with Heavy Machine Gun, the figures don’t have decent head sculpt as most of the SEALs are either their goggles are molded to their face or the hair is fully covered with the wetsuit on their head.

The figure’s body construction is well articulated down to the ankle joints and minor swivel of the head. This Navy SEAL’s head sculpt is the most decent iteration of its head design that’s even better than the Ranger figure. It’s unfortunate this figure doesn’t have a removable goggle when it’s time to take a dip underwater.

Commando Type of SEAL

World Peacekeeper figures lack of personality to identify which characters to be associated with their military teams. But this Navy SEAL certainly shows what type of character that can be a commando too when you remove the wet gear and just carry the machine gun that comes with.

Comparing it to the Ranger this had the most decent head sculpt between the two. Though this trooper carries only one weapon its good enough that this figure can be a commando or part of a special forces team due to that the wetsuit doesn’t look like he just came from storming the beach.

SEAL of Approval

Overall the Navy SEAL Deluxe Edition with blonde hair is the most decent figure when it comes to the head sculpts and the rest should have further improvements in the future. The only downside to this figure is it lacked a goggle accessory to fully wear the wetsuit gear for special missions underwater.

World Peacekeepers: Navy SEAL (Deluxe) is just one of the four military-themed deluxe editions from M&C, which is exclusively available at Target Australia retailed at $5.00 AUD or PhP 200.00 Philippine pesos.

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