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Sunday, May 6, 2018

FCBD 2018 | Four Comic Shops in Adelaide

05.06.2018 – Free Comic Book Day has become a worldwide event that started as one of the campaigns in America to promote literacy and also introduce comic books to the next generation.

Yesterday FCBD is a global event considered as “Christmas” for comic book fans all over the world as they march to their nearest shop.

In Adelaide it has been hyped up a few days before Saturday with all four comic shops within the area had set to promote this annual gathering of comic book fans as well as inviting new readers to this medium.

It was indeed a busy Saturday all over the world with selected bookstores and comic shops participating for this yearly event that is celebrated every first Saturday in the month of May. In Adelaide there have been four comic shops that have annually participate in this event and for 2018 it was an event most comic book fans will remember, but also from all walks of life who read comics.

This not excludes your usual comic book reader, but also families with kids and senior citizens who appreciate a good read about superheroes. The comic book culture in Australia is not typecast or generalized that “its only for kids” nearly everyone who pass by a comic book shop reads comics.

You see people lines up as early as 8 AM for Free Comic Book Day and so here are the shops that participated breaking down their activities that you don’t see in the other stores nearby area/

Greenlight Comics

It’s one of the four comic shops not only celebrating FCBD, but also their second anniversary as a store that opened in 2016. They’ve been promoting the event since last month and have confirmed their participation as early as January. They’ve got their glass window splattered with the FCBD logo.

Greenlight also have activities lined up for the whole day affair namely face painting which have some of the local artists area for you to get to know their published works. They’ve been preparing for this event and a “casual line” has started forming as early as 8:20 AM and when the doors opened by 9 AM there have been ten people ready to check out the titles that they can get.

The shop only allowed giving away free comics TWO PER CUSTOMER for this year that’s why it’s challenging for some what to get.

Pulp Fiction Comics

Technically this show is the easiest to go get free comics as you can find it just before you go to Rundle Mall. Pulp Fiction had given away comics limited to THREE PER CUSTOMER. The crowd certainly was packing the small shop with parents and kids that can’t get enough of the titles they have.

But you’ll be left with mixed reaction to what they have to give away namely selected FCBD titles dating back to 2013 and some new comic books published from 2014 to 2017 that’s something different to having 2018 FCBD titles that the other three shops had offered for this year that’s up for grabs.

Adelaide Comics Centre

Since their move to the new venue last year they have limited space to host a FCBD event, but that didn’t stop ACC to hold it inside the Adelaide Arcade. They have the most celebrated event that includes cosplayers giving away balloons for young kids at the same time a have set a table for some local artists.

The store owners where in costume too, greeting everyone who pass by Adelaide Arcade with Plastic Man and Wonder Woman. Groot arrived just in time to greet young and old posing for a photo opportunity. Even Captain Planet had joined in for some FCBD celebration and the crowd was in and out of their store too.

They gave away THREE COMICS PER CUSTOMER that certainly almost ran out in less than three hours.

Gamma Rays Comics

The most remote comic shop that’s located far down Rundle Street just across Palace Nova Cinema. It’s probably comparable to Planet X Comic Shop in the Philippines, were they just held the event under the radar. But of course since its still within walking distance it’s still got a fairly enough crowd to get their free comics.

Besides getting free comics TWO PER CUSTOMER they have also included some Halloween Comic Fest leftovers that you missed out as an extra. Some of them are already packed in the paper bag that’s quite a surprise for the newbie readers.

It was quite a hectic Saturday for the comic book fans and everyone who walked in and took home some free comics in Adelaide. But not as wild and crazy back in Manila were the earliest person in the line had been there since Wednesday at 2 PM

In Singapore, the interest is almost similar to how the crowd lined up for free comic in the Philippines. But you can say the one in Adelaide had been quite laid back to some degree as not all stores opened simultaneously and everyone went home happy with their free comics and some who purchased those graphic novels at discounted price.

Rundle Mall was crowded that some establishments had their own way celebrating something like the Mexican restaurant Gomzales Y Guman was promoting “Cinco de Mayo” with their one-day $5.00 AUD Burrito or there were Bold Espresso giving away cases of Iced Coffee still cold from their huge chillier truck.

At the end of the day the four comic shops seemed less of competing against themselves, but giving the comic book fans choices and FCBD wrapped up pretty much with mostly everyone going home smiling until the next one.

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is celebrated EVERY FIRST SATURDAY IN MAY. The Next FCBD will be on May 4, 2019 and for more about the event LIKE Free Comic Book Day Adelaide on Facebook!

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