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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Maker Faire Manila | Sights of Innovation

06.23.2019 – Maker Faire is a celebration of arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the Do-It-Yourself mindset that promote young minds to be inspired and pursue their dreams that would be future engineers and innovators. It also helps have children explore and experiment that makes this event an interesting place to visit.

The two-day event is FREE at the Mind Museum courtyard, where you’ll interesting inventions and creations. You also get to meet some interesting artists with some Universities participating in what courses being offered. This is a best time to bring your kids outdoors with this type of event that will end this Sunday.

Mind Museum partnering with major sponsors that includes CNN Philippines in bringing this event for its third year will feature some unique interesting innovations and inventions that don’t make it to the mainstream news or in social media.

There’s a lot to learn and see at Maker Faire and chief among the innovations and reveals there are also familiar pop culture things you might find it in this event. The weekend is full of surprises as it wraps up on Sunday. But in case you might want to catch and go check out some of the interesting sights and innovations around…

Biasty Hybrid Electric VW 1967 Beetle

Probably the only classic Volkswagen vehicle converted into a Hybrid Electric vehicle in the Philippines. There’s not much news about this but one video posted on YouTube explains the concept on how to drive this car.

In other countries Hybrid Electric cars have started becoming a common vehicle option due to high emissions and pollutions in some parts of the world. This shows that some would find a solution to the point of converting an old Volkswagen Beetle to what this country has been behind.

You find Biasty on display at Mini Maker Faire Manila until Sunday at the Mind Museum, where you can speak with the owner the entire project.

Liter of Light

The Liter of Light project has been around in the Philippines for almost a decade being developed as an open source design for a low-cost light tube that refracts solar light to provide daytime interior lighting for dwellings with thin roofs. Daylighting is cheaper than using indoor electric lights during the day.

From a simple 1000 Liter soda bottle they’ve developed a housing body for its aesthetics and still pursue the concept of being a low-cost light tube for places where there’s no electricity that you’ll find at the Maker Faire.

Light-Emitting Diode Walking Stick

You’ll not find a single PWD (Person with Disabilities) individual in the streets of Mania due to the harsh terrain and the bureaucracy for its questionable urban planning. But there are still some people out there like this student from Mania Science that would want these people to have a normal life despite their disabilities.

Because the inventor for this Light-Emitting Diode Walking Stick (that’s a mouthful) would like to still appreciate having the PWDs experience the life walking in the streets even at night for this she came up with the idea that features the use of modern technology that has to offer like sensors on the terrain and LED lights lighting up at night for the walking stick to assist them.

Although the technology has evolved in the past two years hopefully the patent will be approve to have this mass produced. Truly, an innovative concept from this young student shows there’ is a bright future from this Mania Science student.

Plastic + Crochet = PLACHET

It’s made of plastics typically the ones you use from the groceries and sometimes other materials that becomes a waste. The world is over producing plastic materials at expanded rate that recycling can’t catch up as reported recently. Most of the wasteful products is either ending up being sent to another country because the demand for recycling it has been so behind.

Then you have this young woman coming up with the PLACHET concept where she uses plastic bag and turning them into reusable material that turns into useful things like a bag or a belt from the crochet design, which is also hand crafted as there is no machine yet that makes it for being mass produced.

The young inventor said she hopes that interest in reusing plastic bags into the products she presented would help solve this country’s issues with waste as the Philippines do not have an infrastructure regarding recycling.

Other Interesting Sights at Maker Faire

There’s a whole lot of interesting exhibitors at this year’s Manila Mini Maker Faire that you’ll probably not see them entirely. From 3D Printed household times to the replica of the Philippines’ satellite how it was developed can be found in this place. The innovation for some of these can become a reality if the Philippine Government can see it as helpful to the country’s needs.

You can find arts and crafts and Pol Medina, the creator of the comic strip “Pugad Baboy” at the Komiket booth where all his compiled works that appeared in Philippine broadsheets from Daily Inquirer to Philippine Star as well as merchandise based on his creations are available there too so you won’t miss him there.

If you’re keen to drop by and see the last day of Manila Mini Maker Faire at the Mind Museum make your way there as the event will end at 6 PM (Philippine Standard Time) and for more about the event follow them on social media via Facebook and Instagram for future events!

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