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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Toy Con: The Biggest Pop Culture in Asia!

06.19.2010 - The Philippine Toys, Hobbies, and Collectibles Convention had made another box office hit in 2010. With the success of TOY CON 2010 other Asian countries follows where no fan had gone before. A resounding huge reception in trhe region which reminds us how successful the San Diego Comic Convention was big in the US.

Kids of all ages up, teenagers, geeks, fans, and parents had troop to SM Megamall's Megatrade Hall 2 & 3 to see the extravagance of Toy Con. Every year it gets bigger than ever before as the Philippines pop culture scene had made geekerie as the norms.

From the opening of the gates to the longest lines you've ever seen TOY CON 2010 has been the much awaited convention every year.

How the west has won

Others had followed namely Singapore Toys, Games, and Comic Convention (Coming in December) and the upcoming Malaysian International Toy Fair in July. With the exception of Japan in Asia the Philippines is a brewing pop culture, that was influenced by the west.

The peak hours of people marching to the Megatrade Hall is phenomenal and it makes other conventions dwarf its counterparts that's been held on before or after TOY CON.

The Biggest Show in Manila

From its small trade show in 2002 Toy Con has become a powerhouse and leading the way to entertain people. Making it the center for every fan, cosplayer, and geek out there.

A place to meet friends offline and a reunion of toy groups who hardly see face to face. From cosplay competition to band performances you hardly heard of this is a place where you see it all.

Its a heaven for dealers from specialty shops from Great Toys Online to Mang Dongs atpb. You'll run out of money drained from your deep pockets with all the choices and stuff you can find. This is not only a convention that entertains you. It relives your childhood days, where you want the toys but can't afford it before.

Celebrities you knew turns out to be a geek a closet toy collector. You never knew Gaby Dela Merced was actually into designer toys from MindStyle or seeing Richard Poon staring at those Toy Story displays at the conference hall located at Room Function B.

Its packed with everything that suits your interest that you grew up with as a child. You'll never know what good stuff you see. From the innocent Disney booth by Mindstyle to the naughty Axe Photo Booth they have it all. Every year you'll see new stuff on display or new cosplay characters prancing around the hall way.

The first day was not enough for you to digest with all the fun you have to come back for more. Two days covers everything but would be cool to have it three days? Or having all three Megatrade Halls would be smashing for next year?

Believe me this fandom madness can't contain all the excitement it brings like no other here in Asia. The Philippine Toy Con is one event you should not miss, because its the oldest convention in this region.

It captures the essence on what you see in other places with a distinct Filipino flavor to rival the best of them.

The Philippine Toys, Hobbies & Collectibles Convention (TOY CON) is held every second weekend of June. Relive the excitement and be part of the biggest pop culture in Asia!

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