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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Remember The Greatest American Hero?

07.03.2010 - If you don't remember The Greatest American Hero? Then you haven't been born during that time. Before there was Heroes there was a schoolteacher, who wears a costume given to him by aliens. This show defined the Superhero genre on television.

The Greatest American Hero was shown in the Philippines on GMA 7 on Sunday nights locally. It was the coolest thing next to Linda Carter's Wonder Woman and the late Bill Bixby's The Hulk in the 80s...

From 1981 to 1983 William Katt starred as the neurotic schoolteacher who have worn the red costume, that gained him superpowers by those mysterious aliens. The Greatest American Hero made a generation believe a man could fly. But most often to everyone who has seen the TV show he always crash-landed.

The only man he can trust is his crusty FBI partner Bill Maxwell portrayed by Robert Culp and Connie Selleca was his wry and beautiful girlfriend. A reluctant hero with a great sense of humor who spoke for everyman created by Stephen J. Cannell (the producer of the A-Team). Though not as hit a TV series to any household the theme song will surely remind you to sing "Believe It of Not", which went to number 2 in the music charts.

In the US they will have a 20 hour marathon of the TV series beginning this Sunday (9am/ET) due to 4th of July Independence Day celebration. Its a bittersweet tribute for Robert Culp who passed away at the age of 79 from heart attack.

As mentioned by Katt there was word about Greatest American Hero getting a feature film remake. Eventually it will pay homage to Robert Culp's passing as well as bringing Katt in the limelight a series he made everyone remember.

Recently William Katt appeared in a variety of roles after the series cancellation. Most recent guest stints on Heroes, House and Numb3rs has stayed in touch with the character by co-writing a Greatest American Hero comic book and contributing to the show's Facebook page where you can check regular updates.

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