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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Preview!

07.22.2010 - One more day before preview night and then the mecha of geekdom will be upon us all.

Its not about getting the first update but surely our man Mach Diesel will have footage of his trip to the place we call Comic-con, where he will be on preview night for the Masquerade Ball....

San Diego comic-Con International (SDCC) or known as simply Comic-Con is the biggest show on Earth with regards to passionate geeks and NOT for people, who just want to bring the news only for the hype. This is one show you should not miss its more than just Disney Land and the convention that is been around since 1970.

I'm sure anticipation is high special thanks to Megan Welch aka mrbosslady on flickr providing us with a preview outside the San Diego Convention Center.

Everyone is converging into one big phenomenal event no other convention can match as previously mentioned. every year is something special for Comic-Con as all walks of life around the US will be there to scope the upcoming happenings in the pop culture region. It will be too much to absorb everything all at once as you get to line up and to think the convention tickets has been sold out since the start of the year.

For now feast your eyes for some more random images courtesy of our online friends based in San Diego...

I'm sure our team from SDCC will be up there to do a quick coverage on video and we'll keep you updated on that too specially the Masquerade Ball where all the cosplayers and dressed up for the gathering.

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