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Friday, July 23, 2010

SDCC 2010: New Tron Legacy Trailer Unveiled!

07.23.2010 - Tron Legacy had a huge booth at Comic-Con and it was a definite sci-fi treat to the fans. It was heavenly to see the light cycle on display that made the old school seemed like yesterday...

Disney has just unveiled its latest trailer to make your eyes pop out of your sockets. Now that breath taking CGI is highly anticipated on IMAX 3D now that they start talking about visual stunning as a by word that maybe you can see it for yourself...

Some have already dropping negative nitpicks on the upcoming film that wont be out until December. All we can say is let's wait and see what this film can give us. Its the same expectation when Toy Story 3 was talked about early this year.

For now let's not be too hasty giving comparisons and negative nitpick about the film. The point is get entertained because that's how movies should be. Entertainment!

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