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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Toy Kingdom Star Wars Toy Launch!

08.08.2010 - Toy Kingdom, The Amazing Toy Store had recently had a special launch to unveil the newest Star Wars toys from Hasbro decked with diorama displays from local toy collectors. This was exclusive to the Philippines’ largest toy store.

The 501st Legion what was the original Star Wars Philippines fan community represented the collectors and fans alike to usher the event trooped to promote the gallantry from the galaxy’s greatest heroes and the baddest army from the Empire!

Bringing nostalgia from the Kenner days Hasbro brings its latest action figures represented in their “old school” carded packaging were on display along side with other properties from the most recent line featuring the Clone Wars as well as Transformers Crossovers.

Interesting figures was released as well as modernized versions of Bespin Luke Skywalker, Echo Base Princess Leia, and Echo Base Han Solo was on the pegs with newly sculpted. There where also the prequel series from The Revenge of the Sith was also released in the classic Kenner packaging.

There where several vehicles that was also on display and a cool Hoth Battle Scene from The Empire Strikes Back. This includes the gigantic AT-AT, which had Snow Troopers getting ready to be deployed.

Old and new carded animated Star Wars Clone Wars Saga was a mushroom everywhere in the display area. They literally took up space with additional reinforcements that where sold out a long time ago.

This time around Star Wars toys are in full force just check out your nearest Toy Kingdom and Toy Express stores.

Don't miss out!

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