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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Collecticon 2010 Day One Coverage!

10.02.2010 - Collecticon 2010 captured the market with its simple brand of concept of giant swap meet for toy collectors, and a special weekend with the family.

Its what Saturdays and Sundays should be, and they aim to please the mainstream people in the Manila area.
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The weekend was packed but the crowd was divided in the three corners of Metro Manila. There was Cosplay Mania at SM Mall of Asia's SMX convention Center, and Toy Kingdom's yearly Hasbro Toyfair, which launched some of the most sought after Hasbro products released by local distributor Playkit. But this year's Collecticon stood out on its own, and being one of the most awaited conventions for this year.

Now on its 3rd year Collecticon has become a staple event at the Robinsons Place Midtown area located in Ermita. They are the same people who brought you TAGCOM early this year. Its like a book end of events.

You got TAGCOM to open the year and there is THE Comic Con of the Philippines, which is TOYCON. Then you got Collecticon to start the last quarter of the year.

Here in the Philippines the main theme regarding conventions started with Toy collecting. Unlike in our western counterparts which comics started the conventions in 70s namely the San Diego Comic Convention.

But going back to Collecticon was bustling with activities. Sellers and buyers exchange left and right. Prices slashed as low as you can afford two Hot Wheels die cast cars for $2.40 US Dollars (PhP 100.00 pesos).

Most of the stuff sold at Midtown wing are die cast cars and some action figures from the Marvel Universe HAMMER files, that you don't see in the store rack anymore.

Aside from the market Collecticon's attraction is the collector's display from PTK (Pinoy Toy Kolektors), DCPH (Die Cast Cars Philippines), and the Modular Diorama from Toy Soldier 1:18 group.

They are also running a Toy Photography contest, that will allow submissions until Sunday at 12 noon. The activities for today where the auctions and, some kiddie games for the young ones. Tomorrow (Day 2) they will have programs for K-Pop (Korean Pop, fans into Korean music).

So if you got nothing to do today or tomorrow feel free to drop by Robinsons Place Midtown in Ermita, Manila. This is organized by Hobbyworx and PTK brought to you by Mxi collectors, 2Rats, DCPH and JJ NG Events. FREE ADMISSION.

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