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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Geekiest Halloween Party Ever!

10.31.2010 - What could be the best to cap off the end of October 2010 will be the Geekiest ever.

Our first Halloween Party as the GeekMatic crew heads out to ICON Ultimate Club was one of the coolest thing to happen last night with the Monster Radio RX 93.1 FM.
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We are all decked in our Halloween attire as you all know this is one tradition we won't miss out for the world. Everyone came with their unique brand of Halloween theme for this year.

Timzter in his Batman costumes, Vince with his Star Trek: The Next Generation uniform, and Mark in his Optimus Prime wear with >Optimash Prime in tow.

The wildest party ever in the Makati scene where the Geeks hang out. RX jocks Gino Quillamor as The Joker in nurse attire, while Rico Robles as the walking talking Jalapeno Man. We also spotted the hottest Vegan in the land, Istara Bon Gundry in her sexy Witch costume. She's the latest addition to The Ride Show on RX93.1 FM. DJ McCoy provided the mixes as Rico Robles was the craziest host to the point the party was not aired live on radio.

There where a lot interesting stuff around and after party we also checked the Hard Rock Cafe, where some more Geeks hang out to rock the night. Though we didn't get to glimpse anyone but surely we where in Greenbelt to check some more Halloween gatherings.

To end the night Timzster still in his Batman costume ordered food and you can watch the scene on our YouTube channel.

Awesome weekend to party hearty!

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