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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Comics Review: Sergio Aragones' Louder Than Words!

11.30.2010 - >Sergio Aragonés has been synonymous with the comic book Groo, The Wanderer, which was published in the late 1970s with Mark Evanier.

Though the character did not appear in print until 1982. The Spaniard cartoonist is said to be the fastest pen in the world today.

Based on the comic book Louder Than Words released by Dark Horse Comics in 1997, and the details would reminds us of the another cartoonist artist.

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Sergio Aragonés is certainly the most honored, having won every major awards in the field, including the National Cartoonists Society's Reuben Award and the Will Eisner Hall of Fame Award. Not to forget that he signed one of our WonderCon 2008 souvenir programs.

Louder Than Words is a black and white six issue wordless humor released from July to December 1997. We picked up the complete comics set at Comic Odyssey during the recently concluded Komikon 2010 which featured up and coming indie comics and well known Filipino artists.

Though not updated with Sergio Aragonés current works we try as much as possible to catch up. We've only seen a few issues of Groo The Wanderer and The Mighty Magnor one would burst into laughter due to Aragonés humorous strips.

There where no main characters unlike his previous works, but Louder Than Words definitely reminded us of Larry Alcala's work on The Slice of Life, where there were a lot details in one strip for you to try and absorb. Comical as it is LTW can be said as one the comic books ever to be read that is definitely wordless. But visually aided with his signature artwork.

Its a fun alternative read from the usual gritty comics that we see these days. Louder than Words give us its own version of Slice of Life, that we missed in the great Larry Alcala who passed away in 2002.

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