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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Dark Knight Rises' movie script to be based on "Prey"?

Rumors have been buzzing around concerning Christopher Nolan's next Batman film "The Dark Knight Rises". There have been reports that actor Tom Hardy, who worked with Nolan in Inception, was cast as the villainous Dr. Hugo Strange, something that's still unconfirmed at this point, but new info from website Scriptflags may add more fuel to the rumor mill.

Apparently, Scriptflags has gotten word from a publicist involved with the new batflick that the next installment will be based on "Prey", a classic and well known storyline from the old Batman comic book series "Legends of the Dark Knight". In that story, which occurs in the Year One timeframe, Dr. Hugo Strange hypnotizes a cop named Sgt. Max Cort, who has a distinct hatred for vigilantes, into becoming one himself called Night Scourge, in order to get Batman's attention. He also convinces the mayor to put together a task force with Commissioner Gordon leading to hunt the Dark Knight. As if that weren't enough headaches already, Strange also discovers Batman's secret identity of Bruce Wayne, and proceeds to torment him with psychological attacks on his mind.

All in all, Prey is one of the more interesting storylines that could be adapted into the new Nolan flick, but right now it's still on the speculation radar. In fact, Tom Hardy would be better suited to play Sgt. Max Cort/ Night Scourge if the movie takes reigns from the storyline. Still, we'll just have to wait and see how things go and when official word from the director and Warner Bros. turns up. In fact, according to Sir Michael Caine in a post over at Slash Film, shooting is to begin on May next year, so we'll probably find out more concrete details soon enough.

The Dark Knight Rises will be released on July 20, 2012.

*Originally posted by Timzster in The Crusader's Realm

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