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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Happy Meal Spotlight 2014: My Little Pony!

05.17.2014 – For those who haven’t keeping track of the latest Happy Meal toys in the Philippines in the month of May. You’ll probably not be surprised but others might be underwhelmed by its set of promotions.

But it’s definitely sure there will be My Little Pony fans out there along with their male counterparts ‘The Brownies’ looking to get the latest ponies from McDonald’s. Last year they released MLP figurines along with related to Transformers Prime.

The MLP toys from 2013 are different from the current release that was paired with Bandai’s vehicle transforming Voov toys, which was also first released last year along side Hello Kitty.

My Little Pony for the 2013 release came with plastic combs for the trademark rooted hair and can be attached to their heads. The ponies would eventually become sort of key chains. The new set which was recently release has a new mold and more like the ones Hasbro released as the regular toys. But this time the gimmick is to make them “look good” with special stickers.

Those particular stickers are tailor made for each character’s theme more like “dressing up” an art toy with your own custom concept. Using the labels make them appear like a blank canvass just like the art toys.

There were actually My Little Pony art toys that was licensed and produced as part of an art gallery project featuring graphic artists making their own interpretations of each pony in 2012. It was a special exhibition that would eventually change some perspectives that MLP is not just for girls. This is why the latest Happy Meal promotion for MLP almost has the same idea for its gimmick.


She sounded shy and took a name from a butterfly with a unique pose among the four. This pony comes with a sticker and not just your usual pony as she has wings too. Fluttershy has rooted hair just like all the MLP characters and has three butterfly tattoos on the side of her behind.

Pinkie Pie

Her name’s familiar as she was one of ponies featured in last year’s Happy Meal, but the difference is the pose and the mold appearance. This time Pinkie Pie stands in all fours not having a cutesy pose, but certainly having less color strands in her mane. The same goes with her rooted hair and comes with a sticker of course. Not to forget her tattoo is upgraded to three balloons instead of one.

Rainbow Dash

One of the popular ponies in the bunch finally gets her Happy Meal version having also an exclusive sticker and has a signature tattoo of a cloud with lighting. This colorful pony certainly stands out with her color and not to forget her rooted hair. Just like Fluttershy this pony got wings, which leaves Pinkie Pie as the only that’s really grounded.

Princess Twilight Sparkle

The third winged pony and perhaps the unique among the four as she is considered a unicorn. If you happen to be collecting these by now better start with her as she’s the first to disappear for her breed. Princess Twilight Sparkle (a mouthful name when you say it) is quite the royalty being a unicorn is a probably the popular among the four ponies.

Wearing a tiara on her head and having a star as her signature tattoo Princess Twilight Sparkle is royalty indeed. A unicorn MLP must be rare and for the reason she gets sold out in selected McDonald’s store if you’ve read the comic books or watched the latest series or have grown up seeing the toys.

Additional Four

The Philippine release only have four but next month Australia’s Maccas bring four more characters to the list of MLP for their promo. Surely McDo Ph could have brought these other four ponies for MLP fans to collect.

McDonald’s Australia also present Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as part of their promotion in next month’s Happy Meal Australia. The Aussie Maccas sure is interesting and if you have friends and relatives who are based down under probably you can them get you to complete either the My Little Pony or TMNT toys.

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