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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Meal PH 2010: Barbie & Hot Wheels!

12.08.2010 – The Happy Meal toys in the USE would eventually have a different set of toys compared to the Southeast Asian release, but they certainly have Transformers Prime and Hello Kitty a couple weeks back.

It’s no consolation or compensation for what some countries will be having this month. For the Asian region, the Philippines in particular will be having “Barbie in A Mermaid Tale” and Hot Wheels’ Battle Force 5 as the latest Happy Meal toys sighted earlier at one of the McDonald’s stores.

The latest toys are a partnership with Mattel who both produced the actual toys. But “A Mermaid Tale” is more of a special movie featuring Barbie as one of the characters in this fictional fairytale, while Battle Force 5 is a series based from a toy brand that’s been shown on Cartoon Network.

There are four sets of toys for girls and boys to collect this Holiday season, and there are more cool collectibles coming out soon in 2011 from McDonald’s just you wait for now hashtag: #McDoHappyMeal to share your latest toys!

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