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Friday, December 10, 2010

STGCC 2010 Update: Minor Survival Guide!

12.10.2010 - Its all systems go as Singapore Toys Games, and Comic Convention is set to open at 12PM noon time.

For those who are unaware about the Early Bird tickets they are no longer available.

Be prepared to stand in a very long line as early as Suntec City Mall opens. Its where the International Convention Centre is located.

Press media will have an early tour and access to the convention floor at 10AM. Be sure to take advantage in getting the interviews for the guests, and snap photos before they start opening the doors for the fans to check out the Ultimate Pop Culture Experience in Asia.
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Surely some of us will be missing it for the world, but next year will be another time for now let us give you updates on what's gonna happen to a very long day. Special thanks to Reed Expo and Medium at Large for sharing us these awesome images. Its bigger now than last year where there will be events happening within the convention itself.

We give you a list of helpful tips in going to this year's STGCC 2010. Because this year's convention is now following a similar guideline on how international convention is organized its going be massive.

Here's a list of helpful tips on attending in this year's convention...

Be Early - Regardless if you got early bird rates standing in line is going to a long walk to the main entrance. Unless you are part of the press media who was awarded a different access you don't need to stand in line.

Bring Cash - The merchants at the convention floor don't take credit card and expect to at least have a back up even though they take credit. The ATMS are not located near the convention center and its going to be a long walk down to find one.

Stuff Yourself - Everyday begins with a heavy meal and breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Better be full when you stand in line than famished.

Don't Get Dehydrated - Bring your own bottled water as Singapore is one place to sweat bad in the heat, even though Suntec International Convention Centre has the most awesome air conditioning one might get dehydrated with the slow move from a very long line people going to the convention floor.

Always Bring A Sharpie - Our foreign guests can't tell the difference between a marker from a sharpie, which they are more familiar using it to sign your comics.

Be Alert - There are scheduled freebies to be given in a certain time and be a few early in lining up. Because you don't get them instantly you have to respect the other convention visitors who are also getting their freebies.

All Charged Up - Get everything charged and ready namely you digital camera, laptop and any device you might be carrying along while you’re at the event. Especially the camera, because the convention is huge doing your personal coverage might not be enough in taking photos or videos. Bring an extra battery and a memory card just in case.

Have Fun - Because this year's Singapore Toys Games and Comic Convention is one awesome event to close out 2010 with such flair and definitely it will become better. For the reason why the Pop Culture Event in Asia has now shift to Singapore.

The door opens at 12PM today so better be there or your gonna miss out.

Have a good one.

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