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Monday, January 31, 2011

Dead Space 2 the Philippine Launch at the EA Arena and More!

01.31.2011 - Yesterday SM Cyberzone and cooperation with Data Blitz had recently launched Dead Space 2 at the recently concluded EA Arena at the SM City North Edsa's Annex. Not only did they announced its Philippine launch of Dead Space 2. You also get to play the other two EA Games as well, which are Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit and NBA Jam.
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Data Blitz provided the games on PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii. Mostly Dead Space 2 is the centerpiece of this event. Its been a while since I had gone and played games fro the PS3 and XBox360.

Anyways here's the breakdown of the games I played in these three game consoles...

Dead Space 2 for the Playstation 3. If I'm not mistaken is a first person survivor horror game. The graphics is crisp and clear. The story looks mighty interesting, and the controls are quite challenging.

I'm playing this as a casual gamer who rarely sit at home for hours just to go through with it. I only recall a few things about this game and one comes to mind is the Plasma Cutter that you hack your way through these nasty Necromorphs.

NBA Jam for the Nintendo Wii. At first I thought they will be bringing NBA Elite 2011 to this event, but this game is fairly enough to make me laugh. NBA Elite was originally the longest running franchise in NBA LIVE, which was unseated by 2KGames with their NBA 2K Series.

NBA Jam is a two-man game doing outrageous basketball moves beyond the physics of realism. Unfortunately I have to choose the Boston Celtics, since its the only team that's on a default set up for you to try it out.

Overall its a hilarious game though the Large Head option was disabled for you to get a few more laughs. Its one of the oldest NBA franchise games I had the experience playing in the arcade back in my college days.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit for the PlayStation 3. When you talk about realism this game takes its to the next level. This is the only simulation driving game, that shows you how to wreck a car.

Hot Pursuit is a different take from the previous NFS games. Its not Gran Turismo what I use to play on the PS2, but surely its quite a challenge trying to beat your runaway comrades. Not to mention to outrun the highway Police that's a constant pester on the road. Its the current game that's running on my laptop right now with my Logictech controller.

Hot Pursuit is a second alternative for a driving simulation for those, who just want to run the road at break speeds of 200KPH without any mercy.

Though arriving late in the afternoon/early evening was good enough for to get familiar with the games, and definitely it did give me the satisfaction to appreciate it. Awesome event for EA games.

Acknowledgments with Special thanks to SM Cyberzone and Data Blitz for bringing this event. Hopefully we'll see more EA Games and event launching in the future.

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