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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ThunderCats 2011 Toys Unveiled; Collector's Classic Figures!

01.26.2011 - Its a matter of time until we surely get to see the ThunderCats returning in toy form. Eventually everyone would catch up, and would be stunned to its awesome animated television series back in 1985.
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Rankin/Bass animation studios was ahead of its time, and definitely these characters was unforgettable creations by Ted Wolf. The series lasted for 65 episodes and the toys... You gotta own at least one of them.

LJN made lots of them including the the ThunderCats lair playset and... That menacing Thunder Tank Pantro has been driving. Though its been a long time since we heard about the ThunderCats until its comic book revival almost seven years ago.

Well until we got news like the Toy Ark from above and crashed landed, that descended from Thundera where they came from has been seen.

Enough melodramatics and see images leaked from the recent London Toy Fair. If you don't believe there's a revival of sorts again with Lion-O and his race from Thundera then these images might be quite the revelation...

There you have it and you'd be thrilled that its manufactured by Bandai? The 1/18 scale 3 3/4 G.I. Joe size figures is coming your way to a toy shelf near you. New toys featuring the Sword Omens, The Thunder Tank, Thunder Bike and the four characters.

Though we are expecting same scale size figure ones like in the vintage and indeed they will have larger figures too.

For those 3 3/4 size figures can have bigger imaginations, now that they can interact with G.I. Joes, Star Fleet officers, and anything that is known in 1/18 scale.

Can you handle the ThunderCats or feel the roar. Definitely the ThunderCats are lose!

Special thanks to the legendary Mach Diesel of SMUToys for the awesome news.

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