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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Toy Run at E-Mart's Kids Land in Tongyeong City!

03.27.2011 - E-Mart Mall is the biggest store in the Gyeongnam Province of Tongyeong City in South Korea. Its the most spacious department store than the regular mall in the Philippines.

In the second level where the toy section known as Kids Land is located.

There where some interesting stuff we found a couple days ago dropping by at E-Mart. Mostly the pricing of the toys here differ from the one at Lotte Mart's TRU ToyBox, which cost more than we expected. At E-Mart there where more Oxford building sets (The korean version of LEGO), but there's not much variety for Transformers.

We saw a Korean repackaged three-pack of Cars, and more Power Rangers diecast mechs. There's not much Gundam model kits, but there's one store outside E-Mart's toy section selling some interesting stuff too.

For now check out what's on the toy shelves at E-Mart Kids Land section with these mouth watering images...

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