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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Humor: The "Almighty Thor" Trailer!

All the coverage for the live action movie adaptation of Marvel's God Of Thunder comes to a head with a mere few days to go before it gets released in theaters. However, this new "trailer" ISN'T the Thor we're all waiting to see come out in theaters next week courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios, but it's a hilarious piece of production from The Asylum... and it has Cody Deal, Kevin "Diesel" Nash, and Richard Grieco in it! Check it out!

LOL... Hilarious Stuff alright. For more info on this movie, visit Slash Film or Movie Web, the latter link which also has a SPOILER Link to the Marvel Thor movie, so read at your own risk!

*Originally posted by Timzster in The Crusader's Realm

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