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Friday, November 11, 2011

Coverage: Dead Zone's Zombiethon 2011!

It's November 11, 2011 (or 11-11-11 as it were), and now that I've had some time in my hands, I've finally gotten around to completing the almost 2 week old Zombiethon video compilation that I promised to deliver. In case you missed out what that was all about, here's the 101 again on what transpired!

On October 30, 2011, right in the heart of Makati City Philippines, local zombie fan group Dead Zone organized the second annual "Zombiethon" zombie walk, which was open to all undead lovers and ghoulish fans out there! Being one of those itching to go, I suited up as   the main protagonist of AMC's The Walking Dead himself, Sheriff's Deputy Rick Grimes, and proceeded to meet with the rest of the zombie trope in the meeting point located at the heart of Makati City.

While we certainly lacking in number, there were enough zombies to cause panic, terror, and havoc as we treaded in the streets. Joining me along for the fun were guys dressed as Raccoon City survivors Leon S. Kennedy and Hunk from the Resident Evil series. We even had a visit from "Hulk Hogan" himself! The zombies themselves had "interesting" faces in their numbers, including a Silent Hill-like nurse ghoul, kid zombies, and even a zombie that looked like Jesus!

Despite the minimum attendance, everything went great, and I even got to choreograph some scenes for  good photo op shots! I'd like to thank the guys at Dead Zone again for organizing Zombiethon 2011, and I'm looking forward to the next event soon! For more info on the group, visit the official Dead Zone Facebook Page!

Now, here's the video in all its undead and Gonk-like manner! Enjoy!

Dead Zone Zombiethon 2011!

Song is "The Gonk" from the original Dawn of The Dead (1978).

*Originally posted and featured by Timzster.

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