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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Timzster Reviews: Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

*Originally posted in Timzster

When Marvel Vs Capcom 3 exploded onto the console scene this year, it brought back a lot of that old school flair, nostalgia, and appeal fighting game fans were long craving for. Following the path of Street Fighter IV, it swapped two dimensional graphics in favor or a brush art styled 3D graphics engine, whilst retaining classic 2D brawl gameplay so as not to alienate veterans of the series.

Now, a new "upgrade" of the game has finally been released. Called "Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3", new characters, stages, and gameplay additions have been added to this latest entry of the VS series. It pretty much lives up to the reputation Capcom has garnered with its fighting games by rereleasing them with "updated features" and quirks. 
Being a longtime fighting game buff, it doesn't surprise me one bit that UMVC3 made it out to pasture. Initially intended to be released as downloadable content, the update to MvC3 was first announced in San Diego Comic-Con 2011, and owes its existence as a new stand-alone title release to the understandable setbacks and delays put forth by the quake in Japan early this year. Plus, the comments and remarks left by fans who've played the original have pushed Capcom to make new additions and changes to their newest fighting game title out in the market. So either way you look at it, UMVC3 was going to happen sooner or later, and I'm damn glad that it came within this too.

As far as the changes go, UMVC3 has quite the new roster to brag about. 12 new characters join the fray, and each side has 6 new members to their cause. The Marvel side has Doctor Strange, Nova, Iron Fist, Ghost Rider, Rocket Raccoon, and Hawkeye, and these guys give more than their fair share of tricks and powers that will make true believers happy (though I still find Rocket Raccoon a quirky choice for a new character in UMVC3, even though he's a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy). Capcom fanatics will be pleased to know that there's a ton of familiar people on their side, and we have Nemesis T-Type, Vergil, Frank West, Phoenix Wright, Strider Hiryu, and Firebrand added to their numbers. I found Vergil and Phoenix Wright to be the most interesting of the Capcom newbies in UMVC3, and that's not to discount Strider abilities either; He still proves he's a badass.

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Characters Trailer

Gameplay wise there are subtle, yet important changes to take note of. Aside from the fact that numerous character and balancing changes were made, the "X-Factor" mechanic has been adjusted to allow players to activate it on the air. However, it lasts far shorter than it did in the previous game, so it adds more tension to the match if one thinks about activating it in the heat of battle. Visually, the game adds new stages and character visuals, so you'll notice a new version of an MVC3 stage, as well as some completely new ones that will please fans of both sides one way or the other. One stage in particular recreates a certain Marvel event and made it into a stage, with a familiar Marvel fan favorite hero/ villain sitting on the throne of his domain. I do wish they made that guy into a character for the game, but you can't have them all I guess.

 I also have to stress that the difficulty of this game is far greater than that of the original if you put it to the hardest setting. It's a better challenge if you're looking for something to test your skills, so I'd recommend doing so if your up to it. Also, Galactus is still the final boss of the game, and if you haven't heard, he's a playable character as well! To unlock him, simply have your MVC3 save file intact... otherwise, it's the long way for you by gathering points.

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Cinematic Trailer

Overall, is Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 worthy enough to repurchase for fans and buyers of the original? ABSOLUTELY, and it goes without saying that you will get more your money's worth, since  the game is priced relatively lower than when the original game was released early this year. It may be a re-release, but it's a re-release with new material, so that's more than enough reason to get it again. 'Nuff said.

Rating - 5/5

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