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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Avengers 17-Second Teaser Preview at Super Bowl XLVI!

02.01.2012 – It’s hot off the press and pretty sure everyone is mad scrambling to find out what’s the buzz about a 17-second teaser on the Avengers for the Super Bowl XLVI commercial. The most ambitious event of the year won’t be out until April 2012.

I’m sure you’re itching to buy every action figure that’s been also making a trending and right now anticipation is building up. All we can say is that this commercial is way short compared to the previous years a teaser trailer comes along.

For everyone who is keeping up with the Avengers update I’m sure everyone is whetting their appetite to have a glimpse of this sweet teaser…

The Avenger is coming and it’s locally distributed by our friends at Walt Disney Pictures Philippines and the toys from Hasbro are brought to you by the Playkit.

`Nuff said folks.

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