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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Be The Witness To The Chronicle!

02.01.2012 – They say power corrupts and that’s basically how it played out throughout the screening of Chronicle. The film is a virtual unknown until you’ll see for yourself. It has some highs and definitely less of the lows. The marketing of this film would be considered below the radar for the general viewing public just like its press media screening which was held today.

There are comparisons for this film but I’d rather call it an inspiration to get a better picture. The story of three boys stumbled upon a mysterious place that would change their life told in the perspective of 1999’s The Blair Witch Project. But there’s certainly something good about this film for anyone who would like to see something fresh all over again.

The Chronicle is more or less a bio film of three people who changed during the course of the film. It was gradually started as a simple video of a high school student named Andrew but not to give out the plot of this is the story got a little focus on him than the other two of his friends.

You can say it’s also inspired by the Japanese Anime from the late 80s / early 90s titled “Akira” which can be also is like a rumble with Dragon Ball.

For most part of the film what was better improved from Blair Witch Project is that it’s less a first-person perspective than the above mentioned. It utilized cameras not only from Andrew’s but also scenes from the CCTV or Steve’s female friend Casey.

Definitely there’s something to rave about Chronicle as you won’t see any scenes from the movie but the trailer tells some parts of it.

Overall the film is 4 out of 5 if given a rating and we can’t say no more than most suggested for those who would like to see a different kind of film captured in a realism. The film opens on February 2, 2012 across the country from our friends 20th Century Fox Philippines.

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