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Sunday, March 18, 2012

David Finch and Fully Booked Saves The Day!

03.18.2012 – David Finch is finally in Manila! We thought he won’t make it until the news that highlighted the cancellation of his tour. This was about his passport forgotten to be renewed but unlike in the Philippines where you have to go through a lot just to apply one he had it updated in a week.

Earlier at 11AM Finch sat with bloggers for a special interview and the sub group of Justice PH known as Gotham Nights which provided flair to the event that was billed as one of Fully Booked’s biggest draw since Neil Gaiman conquered the wall of sound in 2005.

Not to compare both artists Finch had a lot of fans who anticipated his first trip to the country. David’s dedication to do sketches and signed some of his works by fans reminded us how Gaiman lasted long enough to accommodate everyone who stood in line. He shook our hands and had a quick casual chat that he had more than 15 hours of flight. The look of the tall bald man could not hide his exhaustion but he was in a welcoming mood to everyone that overwhelmed a huge turnout. David Finch was a nice guy and never showed that he was tired from his travel.

He did a talk inside the U-View in the basement level of the flagship store of Fully Booked. Even the men and women masquerading as their favorite DC characters got the chance to have the photo opportunity aside from getting their comic books signed.

Several famous local personalities such as ABS-CBN’s Julius Babao and Filipino Rap Artist Andrew E. with his son lined up to meet David Finch.

Fully Booked and Finch definitely saved the day after last week’s cancellation of his Manila tour. Sunday will be another event for David as he accommodates those who would still want to meet him and have their books signed. Comic Odyssey was present to sell some of David Finch’s work from past to present as well as rare finds that you don’t usually see being sold at their main shop now located at the basement level of the Robinsons Galleria.

The schedule tomorrow won’t be similar to Saturday’s event but David will still have a talk at the U-View and will do sign your books. For more details about his schedule for Sunday today just log in to the official website of Fully Booked.

You can also meet the Gotham Nights masquerade as the characters from the Batman Family who will be present for some photo opportunity.

It’s going to be another long day at Fully Booked and this might be the only chance you’ll get to shake hands and talk to David Finch. He mentioned also that he might try to get around Manila before he flies back to North America and his next stop will be in Mexico but that’s another story to tell.

For now if you have any comic books or graphic novels that David Finch had his name on it come and visit Fully Booked. For full mechanics about the signing check out all details at Fully Booked or LIKE and visit the official Facebook Page.

Shout outs and acknowledgements to Lucy, Aimee, Regina and the very accommodating Victoria Velasco for giving us the opportunity to talk to Mr. Finch.

This goes out also to Mr.Jaime Daez of Fully Booked and Sandy with the rest of Team Comic Odyssey for making this event possible!

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