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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Marvel's Avengers toy launch at Toy Kingdom!

03.11.2012 – The Philippine launch of the Avengers toys and merchandise based from the upcoming movie with the same title that will be shown on April 25, 2012 was welcomed with less stellar billing unlike what Toy Kingdom with Star Wars last month.

There was still support from a fan group who masquerade as their favorite Marvel characters. The area which they had launched the toys were like less than one third of the place they had with Star Wars. Its enough to attract the local casual collecting community to get the word out the toys has made it to the Philippine retail stores.

If you all noticed lately there was still missing in the recent toy launch that has not been on the shelves or toy racks.

Has anyone seen the latest waves of Marvel Legends? If you’re wondering if they would still sell those on display it would be a long shot or not even close. The second wave of Marvel Legends has been reported that has been released. But only for the “exclusive distribution” system for those who can afford the complete series since there’s a “build-a-figure” body part in each of the figures that came from the latest wave to complete an Armin Zola or a variant that has Red Skull using his body based from the comics run of Ed Bubaker, the mastermind in “killing” Captain America in 2007.

Definitely it won’t be possible to see a loose figure either unless your try check the upcoming TAGCOM convention in Robinsons Place Manila happening on March 30 to April 1, 2012. If you have not seen the latest toys and merchandise based from the upcoming Avengers movie check these images below…

Marvel’s Avengers opens in all cinemas nationwide on April 25, 2012 in 3D and traditional 2D from our friends at Paramount Pictures under Walt Disney Studios to be distributed in the Philippines by Columbia Pictures!

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