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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Where's Finch?! - A Batman Fan Film

Here it is... Justice PH/ Gotham PH and Gotham Madness star in their very first and simple Batman fan film feature!


"On March 2012, DC Comics talent and Batman: The Dark Knight writer/ artist David Finch was invited to Fully Booked.

However, something unexpected happened, prompting Batman and his allies from Gotham PH to respond to a situation. Finch was unable to make his trip, and suspicions arose that Gotham Madness may be behind the delays. With that, The Dark Knight set out on his own investigation and ends up paying a visit to his old archnemesis... The Joker."

Timzster Productions presents "Where's Finch?!"

Where's Finch?! - A Batman Fan Film

A fan film by Batfans for Batfans!

Special Thanks goes out to Justice PH/ Gotham PH, Gotham Madness, Fully Booked, DC Comics, and David Finch!

*Disclaimer: Batman and all related characters are properties of DC Comics and Warner Bros. This is a non-profit fan film by fans who appreciate and love the comics, books, shows, and movies the franchise promotes and is based upon.

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*Originally posted by Timzster in Timzster

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