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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Toy Sightings: New Thundercats!

04.28.2012 – The Thundercats revival when it premiered in North America was received with positive reception. This is not your dad’s cats and it doesn’t look like your average Saturday morning cartoon compared to the classic from the 1980s.

We sighted that the new series also have the merchandise and the toys namely the action figures we first reported early in 2011.

The fans clamored for more as the TV series debut sometime in July 2011 and the rest as they say is history.

Bandai definitely came out with these new Thundercats based from the latest TV series as well as the Classics.

Reports say that the toys went on display three days earlier and the shelves are filled with the first wave of characters. Expect these figures and vehicles to be sold out as Cartoon Network Philippines finally get to premiere the two-part episode “Omens” on May 5 and 6, 2012 at 8:30PM (Check your cable channel listing). After a long wait we finally get to see the Thundercats roar into action!

We sure are going to see the toys get sold out after the TV series is aired after a very long wait. The series is currently showing in North America with its current episode 19 “The Pit” and will have a new one on May 5th.

If you haven’t been around the malls check out the toys that’s been on display. Unfortunately there’s no Thundertank or Tower of Omens playset. Hopefully Bankee the local distributor of Bandai products would bring in additional wave of assortments.

The price points for every figure like the 4 inch assortment are priced at PhP 599.75 each (Roughly $14.00 USD) while the 6 inch is retailed at PhP 999.75 pesos. ($23.25 USD). The Classic 6 inch Thundercats is sold at PhP 1,199.75 pesos ($28.00 USD). The only vehicles are retailed with the same price point for the Classic 6 inch figures. The Sword Omens with electronic sound is priced at PhP 1,499.75 ($35.00 USD).

Thundercats premieres May 5 and 6, 2012 on Cartoon Network Philippines (Channel 43 on Sky Cable and channel 51 on Global Destiny Cable).

The action figures, vehicles, and role playing toys like the Sword of Omens is manufactured by Bandai from the same makers of Ben 10 and Gundam model kits which is distributed by Bankee Toys.

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