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Monday, May 21, 2012

Jim Lee, Alex Nino's NinoVision, & more at Big Wow Comic Fest!

05.21.2012 – If the first day was an overwhelming experience then you might surprise for the second and last day of the show. The sunny San Jose Convention Center is bustling with new senses to be inspired and what a way to start the day right?

We enter the halls to give you some of the notable ones we find interesting for us to share to our Philippine readers as well as those who just pass by and browse over our little but unknown site. Our adventures where quite a boredom for some but for those who ever want to visit Big Wow in the future we hope to give you glimpses on what to expect.

The first highlight of the day is a major player in the international comic book industry and he has been making a name for himself since the 1990s. Of course no need for introductions since the long lines has been stretched far beyond that our chances are nil if ever we get to see him again.

The Jim Lee Phenomenon

Jim Lee is the guest of honor this year and the long lines have never stopped from growing. The line started when doors opened at 10am, he arrived at 1130am and has been cranking sigs and sketches until the convention closed... Yes. Jim has done it all and report is he did more than 20 to 30 last year bumping up to fifty.

Jim Lee. You know the man doesn't need any introductions.

Now that’s the man hard at work doing a lot on his hands and being the co-publisher for DC Comics which is one significant title to his resume.

To every angle of our snapshot of the man he is focused to a “T” giving back the appreciation to fans and we hope someday he could do the same for our Philippine fans wishing that he visits the country. For now these pictures of Jim will do until we really get to speak with the man himself.

Another illustrator has no need for extravagant introduction or a tease for us to reveal. He’s one of the guys from the 1970s who pave the way for current artists to make it big in American Comics. You got to love Alex Nino and would be one of the remaining living legends to represent the Philippines and he had a special talk and sharing his artistry dubbed “Nino Vision.”

The NinoVision

Alex Nino said he would love to see his Filipino fans gather up to see how he shares his passion to draw comics.

We hope someday he would come back and make it since the previous Komikon that he was invited he never made it. Nino has been a frequent guest at conventions held in the West Coast most notably at Big Wow with Danny Bulandi and Rudy Nebres headlining the Philippine Contingent.

Alex Nino talks "NinoVision."

In NinoVision he shares his tips and how he executes in working on his character subjects. With such class and unforgettable signature works who would not forget Alex Nino who has been known in the Philippine Komiks industry.

There are a lot of things to see at Big Wow Comic Fest and some that are deliciously enticing to eyes. In America cosplay takes a whole new level in dressing up.

Riddle and Valerie Perez at the cosplay panel.

We caught up with Riddle in her rendition of a Betty Rocketeer showing some skin and giving a talk to fans who followed her in the social media and yes she strut her stuff alright. She was with Valerie Perez in her Wonder Woman costume who was also at the panel.

Other little things we caught up at Big Wow like LEGO Mini Figures and a view inside the convention center. Certainly the last day of Big Wow Comic Fest has been something to see this year and hoping we see more in 2013!

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