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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beauty is in the Eye of the Tiger Art Unveiling!

06.27.2012 – Nemo Aguila known for his odd worldly creatures mashing up with Filipino popular culture had his very second public solo exhibit last night at The Crucible located at the fourth level of the building A in SM Megamall.

There was a turn out from friends, family, and mall passersby just to look at the six masterful works of Nemo Aguila. Each of the portraits conveyed a mixed of thoughts and other worldly creatures. You’ll never miss his signature creations and the three-eyed Manster being sort of eater egg in some of his paintings.

There are six portraits on display which consists of two landscapes and four portraits. The two landscapes dubbed “Portait” featuring the artist’s personal depiction of himself where his roots are and “Vengeance” which the word is defined in these image which are sold for PhP 40,000.00 pesos (Roughly $1,000.00 US Dollars) a piece.

The next four sets in portrait are “Outsider Cat”, “To Stab”, “Mother & Child???”, and “The End” each sold for PhP 25,000.00 pesos (Roughly $600.00 US Dollars). The most interesting piece in these four is the “Mother & Child???” which has the Filipino expressions blurting “Nyare?” (What Happened) and “Hello Po” (Hi There) which has become a common word in a humorous Filipino manner.

All art works are on exhibit and is also for sale with the exception of “Outsider Cat” which is already owned already.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Tiger” runs from June 26, 2012 to July 8, 2012 at The Crucible and if you have missed last night’s unveiling of Nemo Aguila’s work check out these images we gathered from the opening…

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