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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Marvelous Journey of Dexter Soy.

06.28.2012 – By now everyone is talking about Dexter Soy a local comic book artist in the Philippines who gained national media attention after one his artworks got re-tweeted on Twitter and Marvel.

Immediately they took notice of his ever evolving talent where CB Cebulski offered him a job that would lead Dexter Soy to breaking in the comic book industry.

This is not the first time Dexter was featured but was already garnered immediate attention in other local blogs and has his worked been reposted in social media sites like Facebook.

Bugette Tan (the co-creator of Trese Komix), was one of the few people who saw potential talent in Soy which eventually led him to get his dream job at Marvel.

Originally a freelance artist making commission art works and refining his talents through feedbacks from fellow artists in the community brought him the media exposure due to his hard that work paid off. Now his talents are brought into the international mainstream becoming the newest Filipino artist for Marvel Entertainment doing work for the new Captain Marvel comic book.

He has established an online presence long before everyone took notice of his emerging talent setting up a blog and a Deviant Art page. His early works was not as defined as now that everyone is raving with such great detail.

This feature from GMA News TV gives us further introduction of the talent of Dexter Soy adding to the growing Filipino artists under the House of Ideas…

The Philippines has an abundance of talented artists dreaming someday they could make it big in the international scene. Dexter Soy was one of them we may not took notice of him so soon but its evident how he clearly became an internet sensation at his own right.

We may not be the first to break the news but we’re proud and definitely in awe that he represents the Philippines joining the team that has Leinil Yu, Mico Suayan, Carlo Pangulayan and Stephen Segovia in the roster of Filipino talents.

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