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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Saving Sally New Trailer Revealed!

06.28.2012 – Saving Sally is an independent film with an original Filipino concept with one half animations and the other is live action featuring the visually fresh innovation which stars local actors in Rhian Ramos and Enzo Marcos. It tells a typical love story between a boy, a girl and some bunch of monsters.

The animated feature is directed by the talented Avid Liongoren. Originally the project was conceived 7 years ago based on the description by Liongoren in his Tumblr site. It’s been 2 years since the project took off and finally he’s almost finished and ready for this anticipated live action/animated film to be shown in Philippine theaters.

There where several trailers Avid Liongoren has shared in his Vimeo site which teases the mind that there’s something like this was done locally. It has a makings of a Disney animated/live action film but it was eventually was created from the genius of a Filipino visual artist in Avid Liongoren.

The Philippine animation is definitely catching up to the modern times just like the urban street art is becoming visually available to the mass media. Avid Liongeren has finally unveiled its latest trailer…

Help Save Sally! If anyone who finds this independent animated/live action film to be known please support Avid Liongoren’s movie you can also donate little of your spare change to help fund in making this endeavor happen.

No news when this will be shown locally but we’re surely keep a word out for now you can LIKE and check the updates on the Official Facebook Page!

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