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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Sci-Fi Thriller in Prometheus!

06.06.2012 – For every adventure there’s are some untold beginnings. Ridley Scott has pulled a surprising story that was originally planned as the fifth installment of the "Alien" franchise.

This story is about the crew of Prometheus and what happened after the discovery by the team from the ship Nostromo in the original Alien movie from 1979.

Revealed thirty years before Ripley was born the space faring crew of Prometheus went to the unknown to find the answers they are looking for. This film was intended to exist in the same timeline with Scott’s original masterpiece.

So the concept about the vehicles and the space suit was reversed engineered to fit in that world we don’t want to come back. And yet we’re here once again ready to get that adrenaline rush for another suspense thriller.

Prometheus has been talked about by Ridley Scott several times that this open up other mythologies aside from giving us the idea how Alien took off from here, but we aren’t going to spoil you with the details. The visuals are superb having 1,400 effect shots done by some of the best companies who have worked with blockbuster films in the past. Scott returns to the science fiction horror adventure he helped define with Prometheus.

After discovering pieces from different cultures by Archaeologist Elizabeth Shaw finding out a sophisticated civilization would possibly the ones behind in the creation of mankind on Earth. Together with the mysterious Meredith Vickers and the android David with a cast of characters compost of the crew in Prometheus.

The ship that brought them on a thrilling journey to the darkest corners of the Universe must fight to save the future of the human race. Indeed fearing the unknown much comes worse to the revelation you’ll ever witness in anticipation and in space no one can hear you scream.

Prometheus opens in 3D and IMAX 3D on June 6, 2012 from our friends at 20th Century Fox Philippines to be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures!

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