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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jollibee Kids Meal: Green Lantern Animated & Strawberry Shortcake!

08.02.2012 – If you have not dined in at Jollibee better get your Kiddie Meal fix as this August 2012’s toys are from the Green Lantern Animated and Strawberry Shortcake.

You’ll be grabbing the Green Lantern toys which features Hal Jordan in translucent green and a power ring to charge up the emerald hero into action!

The girls would be delighted to get two Strawberry Shortcake collectibles when you order a Yum Burger, Spaghetti or a Chicken Joy that includes a drink in every meal.

If last month’s Amazing Spider-Man toys were not that appealing considering that one of the toys offered was not an exclusive maybe this one would definitely change your perspective.

Probably Jollibee’s marketing is paying attention a bit now with the quality of toys they are offering compared to the past months lacklustre that were previously offered. Let’s hope they put quality in these toys as they are not just toys for kids but would-be collectibles in their own right.

If you haven’t seen them maybe these images below will make you dine-in at Jollibee in a Flash no pun intended but hey we’re all for it…

Green Lantern Animated series currently airs on Cartoon Network in the North America and who knows if there’s interest for this maybe we can get CN Philippines to give it a chance.

Visit the official Green Lantern Animated at:

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  1. That's the big problem though. It's a quality show, great for kids for its wonderful action sequences and good moral lessons, amazing for adults who enjoy the brilliant storytelling and the character development. BUT CN US has announced its cancellation. There has been an online propaganda to revive it. I hope that CN Philippines could air it soon because we are really missing out on such an awesome show.