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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The World of Sonny Liew's Malinky Robot!

09.26.2012 – Malinky Robot is an adventure of two street urchins in Atari and Oliver which collects five stories by Eisner-nominated artist Sonny Liew (My Faith Frankie, Wonderland, Sense and Sensibility) set in the near future of San’ya.

The moment you open the first few pages of the graphic novel it takes you this world where these two kids journey in these five stories that Sonny Liew shares compiling the short stories of Stinky Fish Blues, Bicycle, Karakuri, New Year’s Day, and Dead Soul’s Day Out.

In-between these whimsical and innocent stories are sketches and guest gallery which features some well-known talented artist in the industry led by Skottie Young, Gene Yang, Roger Langridge, Mike Allred and more.

There are five amazing stories that have nothing to do with the title which you find it interesting. The strokes and art work by Sonny Liew is something new to the eye out of the ordinary independent works by someone who studied under David Mazzucchelli (Daredevil, Batman: Year One). Originally it was Sonny’s student project that took form and the rest was history.

“Stinky Fish Blues” like any independent comics started being photo copied, hand–stapled, and sold at New England Comics in Boston with the help of Erin Scott that earned Sonny a Xeric Grant. In the Philippines we got similar origins of how an independent comic has been made case in point how The Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents was being sold during Komikon: Indieket 2012 in July of this year.

Of course “Stinky Blue Fish” was the first story that made a difference and it was black and white until it was released in the Southeast Asian Anthology Liquid City, Vol.1 in color. Reading this would take you longer than expected if you appreciate the art.

Besides from its stories the art work by Sonny Liew is compared to fine wine trying to get the flavour of how rare of its kind. He breaks the traditional panel division and making it his own. The splash pages are expressive as you go through the pages. We’re just talking about “Stinky Fish Blues” and it takes you an eternity to delve into these first parts of the book.

By the time you reach the story in “Bicycle” you wonder and try to find the robot in the story. Well the giant robot won’t appear until “Kakuri” another fascinating adventure that’s filled with rich imagination.

But the book not only delves into the adventure of Atari and Oliver it also tells the story of their interest in reading comics which is also featured within like Ingrown Nale, The Comics Page with some interesting parodies like Calvin and Hobbes or the comic book Doctor Midnight. The concept is not unheard of but a story within another story sounds unique.

If Marvel’s Deadpool can break the fourth wall why not see Sonny Liew tell you a story and within that story is another story… In a comic book?!

It sounded like Inception but this was long before that movie came out. It’s interesting how cool is that concept was for this Malinky Robot and that’s what this graphic novel stands out on its own being an original.

The Sketches is mainly introducing the characters of Malinky Robot through Sonny’s artwork and who would not forget Mr. Bon Bon who looks like the matured version of Johnny Bravo but with a decent dress code who eventually is the elder friend of the two kids.

The sketches part of the book is titled “Balloon Bomb Factory” which would definitely inspire other aspiring artist to follow Sonny’s footsteps in telling a great story with phenomenal art.

Malinky Robot was published by Image Comics which won the 2009 Best Science Fiction Comic Album at the Utopiales a French Science Fiction Festival in Nantes.

If you happen to get a chance to grab a copy of Sonny Liew’s Malinky Robot you will be ushered to a different kind of world that he envisioned for the two kids who are hungry for an adventure. Just like Sonny who just wants to share his stories you too can do the impossible.

In the Philippines indie comics is in abundance unlike in the recent Singapore Toy, Game, and Comic Convention where you rarely see someone who can share their unique works through this medium.

We are honored to meet him at the Artist Alley and have the chance to appreciate Sonny’s works which is something new that would definitely catch your attention. The world of San’Ya doesn’t end here as Atari and Oliver might end up with new adventures very soon.

For Sonny Liew his next project is the compilation of The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye which it won’t be out until April 2013 from Epigram Books.

Malinky Robot is released by Image Comics with a cover price of $16.99 US and you can find more of Sonny Liew through his blog where all his works are featured. For more of The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye LIKE the Epigram Facebook Page and visit the official site at:

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