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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Komikon 2012: Indie Tiangge & Komiks Kalye!

10.30.2012 – Komikon 2012 expands floor space taking out the conference rooms and almost half of the lobby which used to be the hangouts for regular attendees.

During the Summer Komikon the conference rooms were reserved for special guest artists who would conduct a talk or a particular workshop.

For the annual 8th Komikon they maximize the use of the rooms for “Independent Komiks Tiangge” and "Komiks Kayle".

It helps the main hall some breathing room as giving more walking area as wide which is slightly similar to STGCC 2012 last September.

The more established publishers are housed in the main hall while the independent and new to the industry are located at the “Independent Komiks Tiangge” (Independent Comics Market) short for “Indie Tiangge” for most of Komikon has been part of the event.

It’s a flea market of independent works by up and coming talents in the industry. If you have missed the previous Komikon Indieket last July you’ll see most of them here promoting their works as well as upcoming previews that would possibly see in the next Komikon related event.

Independent Komiks Tiangge

Since the birth of Komikon the Indie Tiangge has been growing which some come and go but still a thriving part of the event. This features some of the original creations that you don’t see in the mainstream of comics dominated by foreign material. You can only see some of these works sold at Comic Odyssey which has been pushing to promote and bring the local works that really needs to be recognized as part of our growing industry.

There are a few notable talents and works that are getting a lot of cult following like the much anticipated Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents which have missed its deadline to bring the latest issue.

The guys at Kowtow Komiks was apologizing for the delay and they were so close at 85% finished but unfortunately you have to wait until Summer Komikon 2013 to see it. By that time they could be ready with the fourth issue which would be a double treat to fans who are anxious to see what happens next to the adventurous quartet.

Prior to Freely Abrigo moving to the Visprint booth at the main hall he was located at the Indie Komiks Tiangge where he launched his first horror komiks with Sigaw which he co-created and the 100 Pages of Cartoons that the later sold out prior to the closing of Komikon.

Komiks Kalye

This area was reserved for one workshop and guest artists that you may have the chance to meet in person where you either get their comics signed or have a rare sketch. This is mostly updated every hour and this might be the area you should not miss since most of the artists are here in this room.

The only workshop that was conducted early in the day was the Stoneart Printing by Alex Manabat which you will find interesting and a potential hobby to try it out. This might be the first workshop conducted at Komikon and let’s hope more workshops would be available in future events.

The rest of the scheduled events happening at the Komiks Kalye for the rest of the day after the workshop are reserved for the artists who have broken the international scene. The artists like Stephen Segovia, Carlo Pagulayan, Lui Antonio, and Heubert Khan Michael where present for two hours meeting their fans having their stuff signed or getting a special sketch that afternoon.

This was followed by Jomar Bulda, Wilson Tortosa and Roy Allan Martinez which could possibly his first Komikon in a long time. Starting this Komikon the Komiks Kalye would be a place for workshops and featuring other artists which has a bit of privacy compared to the main hall.

It’s part of Komikon’s evolution over the years that is steadily growing to be the convention that other comics related events has followed in some parts of the country which is good for the industry.

For more events that transpired during Komikon 2012 visit and LIKE the Official Facebook Page. Follow Komikon on Twitter at: @komikontweets

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