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Monday, October 29, 2012

Komikon 2012: Guest Highlights & Surprises!

10.29.2012 – Komikon 2012 its 8th year has consistently evolved through the years, promoting the best & the brightest artists in the industry. The revival of "Filipino Komiks" has been steadily carried on by the next generation of artists aiming to make it big in the international scene.

The central part of Komikon is the activities on stage: whether it’s a hotdog eating contest or presenting the awards for those who joined the contests but do not forget the artists who are the highlighted guests in this year’s event.

Komikon doesn't have any shortage of guests and activities on stage since they opened their doors to the public which garnered visitors by the thousands. Every Komikon is an evolution and a learning process thanks to fans and convention visitors who answers their post-event survey as well as taking advice from friends based in North America who shared their experience on how conventions are done in the West.

For this year three talents that became the faces of the event were Dexter Soy (Captain Marvel), Michael David (Kubori Kikiam), and Ed Tadeo (Bionic Man). These fine gentlemen shared their personal stories and inspiration on what brought them to the spotlight and be this year’s highlighted guests.

Dexter Soy is a comic book reader and aspiring artist recently discovered by Marvel online through his breath-taking creations and pin-ups. His discovery is comparable to singing talents posting their videos on Youtube. But for Dexter, his work took him through the mainstream via his commission works to friends and online contacts. This widespread interest made C.B. Cebulski personally send him a message that started his career from there.

Dexter’s first work is currently featured in the latest Captain Marvel series. He took a break for a couple of issues but wait until you see his return by issue #7! There will surely be future book signings coming up for Pangasinan-based comic book artists.

On-stage during Komikon, Dexter shared his story about his first Komikon when it was still located at the UP Bahay ng Alumni before he moved to Pangasinan. Dexter said that during those times he was just a regular fan but never imagined being one of the guests for this year’s Komikon, for a man who just likes to draw.

Michael David was one of the creators of Kubori Kikiam which appeared in the now defunct Culture Crash Comics. Over the years, the evolution of his characters from naughty and green minded to downright bordering on pornography and sheer language brutality is what Kubori Kikiam has become, and it still doesn't stop there.

Sherry Baet-Zamar spoke to Michael on stage who had a little of trivia contest where he gave away latest copies of Kubori Kikikiam for lucky fans who could answer his questions. Michael has come a long way with his creations and the growth of his characters never stops.

Edgar “Ed” Tadeo has been around the industry at the time Whilce Portacio had put up a studio that produced Filipino talents we have seen today. The long-haired talent has been inking works over Leinil Yu and Gerry Alanguilan to name a few.

His upcoming work will be released under Dynamite Comics with Bionic Man. Ed never stops what he does best. The proud new parent spoke on stage to the fans about his beginnings and inspiration. At the same time, doing commission art beside Dexter Soy and Michael David was a definite treat.

It was a definite treat for the fans to be able to have a conversation with their favorite artists on-stage and each one of them welcomed their questions and inquiries on what’s their next project.

Besides the three guests, Komikon had more surprises which where revealed on stage as well as from within the convention hall. National Book Store has their own artists present at their booth: Mervin Ignacio and Ian Sta. Maria, the creators of Skyworld which is picking up popularity in the local mainstream. Then you have Jay Tablante who recently launched his first ever photo book titled Geekology 101 which garnered a huge interest in the Philippine cosplay community.

If you buy the book Geekology 101, all proceeds will go to Operation Smile, care of Canon's Print for Smiles program which Jay has been promoting. He was there to talk to fans and comic book artists who arrived from another event with Alodia Gosiengfiao.

Back on stage, Sherry Baet-Zamar spoke to the cosplayers who participated in the recent GTMACCON 2 at PICCA Festival 4. The cosplayers were introduced individually and the winners, Dante and Mina, from Taga-ilog's Pasig, presented a short skit on stage.

Aside from the on-stage activities and selected book signing and launches, there were also artists who made some cameo appearances. For the first time in Komikon history, Roy Allan Martinez was spotted by Comic Odyssey’s proprietor Sandy, who had his photo taken with the said artist. Roy is one of the participants in Komikon's Komiks Kalye at the Function Room F.

The stage activity didn't stop there as Manila Bulletin’s R.E.A.D Comics winners where awarded with Andew Villar, creator of Ambush, to present the prizes.

There was also auctions and promotion of some giveaways like the notable special edition Aztig Calendar plate created by Rommel Estanislao. This Komikon exclusive was for auction and the special mask signed by Scott Snyder was being given away as a raffle prize at the Comic X Hub table.

First place winners of the two Komikon contests, Digital Coloring and Comic Creation were awarded a new WACOM pen and tablet, courtesy of ATI Wacom.

Komikon did not close quietly towards the end of the event as Kamikazee performed on stage with an acoustic touch. Five songs of their set came from different albums, with Halik, coming from their latest album, Romantico.

They were also present to support their fellow band member Allan “Bords” Burdeos who co-created the upcoming Mang Jose comic book with Gab Cheekee of the Parokya ni Edgar band. This year’s Komikon is certainly “in the process” of growing beyond its vision to bring back Filipino Komiks.

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