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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Manila Art 2: Jeepney Art Fair!

10.06.2012 – The Jeepney is an iconic king of the Philippine roads made from army surplus from WW II and until today it is the mode of transportation to Filipino commuters. These “mini” buses is not just your run on the mill four wheel machine it has become part of the Philippine pop culture.

The colourful jeepneys have become a canvass of art work thus it is appropriate to celebrate its contribution to the Philippine community. Not just the vehicle that brings you to point A to B but to inspire just like the recently concluded Jeepney Arts Festival.

The Jeepney is a symbol that the artists have given these vehicles a second life on the road with countless colourful artwork that has become a roving art gallery. Now the same organisers is bringing the Jeepney Art Festival at the Manila Art with a live auction which features some of the original pieces dubbed “Tribute Arts for Philippine Jeepneys.”

The Jeepney Art Festival is a unique corporate social art drive by Jeepney Tours, a tourism enterprise offering Daily City Tours on-board the jeepney. Set to bring back its vibrant condition of this eponymous vehicle through its advocacy.

Last month 50 jeepneys was painted by students, professional, and urban street artists with the “On-The Spot Jeepney Painting which saw a huge gathering of talents that rehabilitated these vehicles. Then there was the Grand Jeepney Parade that toured Pasay-Ayala that literally became murals of transit. The Tribute Arts for Philippine Jeepneys held earlier today at Mania Art 2, the prestigious contemporary arts fair features the Jeepney Art Fair that has the contemporary on display and had a live auction.

Below you see these rare pieces on display on the last day of Manila Art 2 at the Jeepney Arts Fair booth that also had a silent auction…

If you’re interested in some of the artworks LIKE the Official Jeepney Arts Festival Facebook Page and follow them at: @JeepneyArtsFestival

Visit the official site at:

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