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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jamie Robinson Behind the Scenes Post Production!

11.29.2012 – Jay Tablante has masterfully brings his childhood characters to life. It has been his passion for someone who grew up with comic books, cartoons, and toys. It shows how he marries both photography and pop culture into a new medium.

In the past month Jay was living in a dream to bring his works published in the Geekology 101 that was supported by well-known personalities in the industry. These same individuals who worked with him in his day job where also his collaborators in putting up a project.

That project not only promote his passion for bringing cosplay to the next level through photography but also helping Canon’s advocacy which all proceeds of this book is going to Operation Smile care of Canon's Print for Smiles program. This was evident when the book was launched last month at the National Book Store which was hosted by model turned radio DJ Jinri Park.

Jinri has posed in a men’s glossy magazine which some of the photos were taken by Jay and she was one of the first personalities who gained prominent following and at first mistaken her as a cosplayer. It opened doors for her which also helped launch her Gravure book.

This time around Jinri and Jay teams up once again to bring back another familiar character in the Philippine pop culture scene in Jamie Robinson (aka Megumi Oka in the original Japanese dubbing), the Volt Lander pilot a component that becomes Voltes V’s feet.

Voltes V (Chōdenji Machine Voltes V) a popular super robot from the late 1970s that became known in the Philippine pop culture which was first aired in Japan. The series was cancelled due to the Philippine Martial Law but gained resurgence when it was shown again in the late 1980s /early 1990s. It was previously announced during the launch of Geekology that Jinri’s next project with Jay Tablante will be bringing this character to life.

Witness the behind the scenes on how Jaime Robinson (Megumi Oka) comes to life through Jay Tablante’s lens…

Jay's photography book Geekology101 is currently availabl in all National Bookstore branches for PhP 345.00 pesos and all proceeds of this book is going to Operation Smile care of Canon's Print for Smiles program.

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