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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sights & Highlights: "Warhol VS Lichtenstein!"

11.20.2012 – JP Cuison’s 3rd solo exhibit at the Secret Fresh has a bit of art & music all rolled into one since he designs posters for events under the Gigzilla name. Previously he was part of the Kiko Machine band that produced an album and the man behind the puppet in Gorgoro Henson.

Multi-talented creative individual who defines JP Cuison and might not forget he’s been in the previous Komikon peddling his copies of Punnx Komiks that parodied “Funny Komiks” as well as animated shorts of Filipino inspired Avengers led by Captain Barangay Captain & Mighty T!

His third exhibit mixes pop culture from different eras and then pits them together in a showdown that was dubbed as “Warhol vs Lichtenstein” and that’s the main centrepiece of his exhibit a portrait of both artists taking the beat down in a single artwork which also produces other interesting “match ups.”

Mostly the highlight of the event is the music performances led by local bands like Moonstar 88 who just recently revealed their latest album in “The Year” designed the appearance by JP himself.

The band only saw the album a few days after it was released and this is the first some of the members saw its final design that went to print. JP also collaborated with the band in the second the last song they performed as being in another band before.

There are several art pieces that you might find it funny but we leave the photos taken for you to check it out or see it in person if you must…

JP Cuison’s Third Solo Exhibit “Warhol vs Lichtenstein” will be in the Secret Fresh Gallery from November 18 to December 11, 2012. For more inquires and details LIKE Secret Fresh on Facebook!

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