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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Creature Feature: JP Cuison's Mighty-T?!

07.03.2012 – Sometime in 2007 a guy named JP Cuison was selling his works at the UP Bahay ng Alumni during Komikon. He was selling DVD copies of his independent animation of Captain Barangay Captain!

This 2-disc DVD edition featured collaboration between Cuison and Kiko Machine Komix’s Manix Abrera where his art work was animated for this rare modern independent piece of Filipino Pop Culture nostalgia. There’s one character that had quite a naughty but interesting name parodied after Marvel’s Mighty Thor by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

That character is Mighty-T the fictional parody of everyone’s favorite God of Thunder. Mighty-T first appeared in the animated indie film that launched JP Cuison’s parody of Marvel characters and for anyone who saw his creations in 2007 surely you’ll never forget about Tony Tundra.

Sometime in 2010 JP Cuison took inspiration from the old Funny Komiks and created Punnx Komix with his friend Dennis Nierra which gave some interesting parody of Planet of the Eyps in Eyps Kingdom and of course bringing Mighty-T in comic book form. Punnx Komix lasted two issues as we assumed and by the time another Komikon came the second issue was selling like hotcakes.

Mighty-T was one of those characters that JP kept from his first creations to appear in Punnx Komix and the character does have a double meaning for its sleazy name. We’re still wondering if JP’s going back to making great indie komiks.

Right now he’s making waves in his successful artventure in the Urban culture scene launching his own toys and collaborating with Nike recently for his Gigzilla creations that literally turn some sneaker heads.

For now those who has never got the chance to see JP Cuison and his brand of Filipino Pop Culture we can only muster to share you how Mighty-T reminded us how great his works which is quite nostalgic in his own right…

Surely this parody is the makings of a Pop Art in the Urban Culture scene and his work sometimes remind us about how cool Madman creator Mike Allred which he is still making great comics in Daredevil.

These days Mighty-T will never be left unnoticed even his magical hard-on weapon in the letter “T.”

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