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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

HW Imagination 35 of 247: Minion Pig!

03.13.2013 – Ever since Angry Birds became one of the most downloadable games on mobile phones and tablets the popularity has soared. The game about these colorful birds takes their anger t whole new level over the pigs who stole their eggs.

The popularity of these characters had spun off sequels even a tie-up that produced Angry Birds Rio based from the animated feature from 2011. Currently everyone has gone addicted to the Star Wars theme that produced merchandise based from the game.

Angry Birds cross the media through physical games manufactured by Mattel as wells as plush toys and other merchandise from the basic characters. Hot Wheels an iconic brand that produces die cast collectible cars also from Mattel is familiar with having released license vehicles previously.

If you’re into collecting die cast collectible cars then you’re familiar with the Ghostbusters' Ecto-1 or Doc Emmett Brown’s modified DeLorean as a time machine from the Back to the Future films.

Last year Hot Wheels has released the 2013 line up sometime in December 2012 picking up interest when the Angry Birds cars made its appearance as part of the lineup. It only featured two characters from the original game which is the Red Bird and the common Pig Minion designed to have wheels.

Recently the characters became rare to the point its being sold twice the original retail price of PhP 99.75 pesos in the Philippines.

The Pig Minion would eventually the less popular character of the two that you’ll probably come across in retail stores as easily spotted for tis leafy green color. It’s under the “HW Imagination” sub-line of die cast collectible cars for the 2013 series.

The Red Bird would be very hard to come by due to being the good guy among the two and leaves the villain in the peg until it gets sold out or hoarded by scalpers.

Packaged in the standard HW blister card features the familiar Angry Bird font in te upper left corner and had less description at the back compared to the US release versus the international packaging.

The Minion Pig is super charged with a possible V8 engine block located in the rear of the car with the green head as its front part of the vehicle having a shiny set of metallic rims. The details of course is based from the character in 3D with the quality is just fine rarely encountering smudges unlike some cars you encounter in the pegs.

There’s nothing much special with the Minion Pig on wheels as the popular “bad guy” from the Angry Birds game which has become one the rare cars to be released for the 2013 Hot Wheels series which is locally distributed by Richwell in the Philippines.

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