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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Big Wow Comic Fest 2013: The Event & More!

05.21.2013 – The Post-Big Wow Comic Fest has given us a lasting impression this year which was graced by Stan Lee during Sunday’s main event. Long lines definitely formed longer than what happened last year.

Every year bigger guests makes a visit and continuous to be the comic-centric event defining this THE “comic convention” emphasizing on the comic book industry that has become the American pop culture. Big Wow Comic Fest could be the event San Francisco have wanted for their comic book fans and this could be it!

Besides Neal Adams, J. Scott Campbell and Stan Lee there are also a collection of illustrators and artists from different media that was present during the weekend.

Big Wow Comic Fest is not only about American comics it has been visited by individuals from all walks of life even from other countries around the world. If you think this is just another comic convention guess again.

From comic book fans, cosplays, and the local artists converged into one event that is Big Wow comic Fest. If you miss the last day here are some of the images taken that day…

Certainly there’s something to enjoy the last day if you have not gotten your chance to meet Stan Lee there are other illustrators present to accommodate your Sunday.

Brian Azarello & Lee Bermejo.

Michael Golden.

Art Adams signs the BAF Monkeyman Action Figure.

One Happy APE. Signed by Art Adams during Big Wow Comic Fest 2013!

There are artists who would definitely make the surprise to say they return their support to you with a little appreciation. There are no words or even anything you can say when they show how they appreciate just for being there. Adam Hughes surely enjoys our company when we passed by his table.

Adam Hughes.

Big Wow Comic Fest caters to the biggest guests that includes of course international artists like Alex Nino, Danny Bulanadi and Kenneth Picardo representing the Philippines with great pride based in the bay area.

L To R: Alex Nino, Danny Bulanadi, and Kenneth Picardo.

Overall the weekend surely had fallen into the right places as another successful event with Big Wow Comic Fest has been fulfilled.

Let’s see how 2014 shakes up a bit more and you’ll never know who the next biggest attraction would drop by. Certainly there’s more where that came from and definitely we’ll be there to bring you more news as Big Wow Comic Fest happens again.

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