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Monday, May 20, 2013

Big Wow Comic Fest 2013: Stan Lee The Generalissimo!

05.20.2013 – Stan Lee an icon for his body of work is 90 years old and as young as the Generalissimo he’s still growing strong being “The Man” with a huge smile.

He was present during the last day of Big Wow Comic Fest and we caught up with him early afternoon.

The early birds definitely got to see Stan Lee up close and personal as Big Wow Comic Fest certainly drew some huge numbers compared to last year’s attendees.

Stan Lee was ever gracious to accommodate almost everyone and as reported there where 530 photos taken with him on a fine Sunday afternoon in the event but this couldn’t be topped in his previous stop at the Motor City Comic Con the day before.

Not as big as any convention in North America but certainly brought in the biggest heart in Stan Lee in his first Big Wow Comic Fest ever that everyone didn't take a second thought of getting close to. He arrived early to those who had paid their pre-autograph meet & greet it was definitely a treat.

The long lines really stretched out inside the San Jose Convention Center and Stan Lee had put this one as a milestone to be part of Big Wow Comic Fest. It was a definite trip for others anticipating this day.

Everyone chanted his name and was given the biggest applause at Big Wow Comic Fest and if you thought Jim Lee has the best crowd last year certainly this tops the attendance.

The man still has a strong grip when he shakes our hands before he could have sign the Marvel Masterworks featuring Thor. He doesn’t look ninety with that kind of vigor or he could be a Life Model Decoy? But enough jokes aside he certainly has a firm grip of just being a warm type of guy.

Stan Lee is definitely the man able to command long lines in a single day event and the last day of Big Wow Comic Fest certainly leaves everyone a fond memory to remember. Besides J. Scot Campbell gets swooned by the Stylish Geek in a Han Solo outfit surely Stan got the top billing for this year and wishing him well in good health hoping to come back next year for another visit.

Overall the last day was definitely a blast for everyone seeing familiar faces and meeting new friends which is this event is all about. Big Wow Comic Fest certainly gave an expression established conventions has done but this one definitely have Stan Lee calling out his troops to celebrate with him before ending the Sunday with an excelsior!

Big Wow Comic Fest is an annual comic convention held at the San Jose Convention Center. LIKE Big Wow Comic Fest for upcoming events and promos on Facebook!

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