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Saturday, May 4, 2013

No to May the 4th a message from the Empire?

05.04.2013 – If you’re a strong supporter of “May the 4th” since it all began the Empire has posted a questionable add about its true meaning. For those who is under the Empire’s rule surely you would understand they are trying to tell you.

Today is once again the day the rebel scum celebrate their victory over the cursed Empire but do you know the true meaning of “May the 4th be you?”

It must have a strong meaning to any Star Wars fan but is it worth to listen to the Empire for the truth? The Empire has recently released a video ad for you to better understand what is meant to celebrate for today…

If this clears everything then you must support “Say No to May the 4th” and uphold the truth for what the Empire will be bring for you to support in declining what is today.

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